The Goblins In Greedy Greenskins Rockways Slot Are Weird!

Things with green skin: witches, frogs, ogres, snakes, stink bugs, a fish known biologically as “terror,” and locusts. Pretty much anything with green skin is on the uglier side of the animal (and fairytale) kingdom. Shame.

And guess what? The goblins in Greedy Greenskins Rockways slot are no different. What a name, by the way. Harry Potter’s fan base, which is pretty much as big as the entire population of South America, would shudder at the sight of these pitiful guys.

Now that we know the characters we’ll be playing with are mean, green, and not that convincing as goblins, let’s see what we need to do to win up to €205,000.

Isn’t there a game called Greedy Goblins?

Mascot Games, what are you doing? I see these knockoffs you’re pulling out, and I have a question… WHY?

You are responsible for Benny’s The Biggest Game slot – one of the funniest games I’ve ever seen. I know you’re not short of ideas; there are frickin dead flying peanuts in that slot!

Let me in on the juice because I must be missing something. If the Greedy Greenskins slot isn’t a sad rip-off of Betsoft’s Greedy Goblins slot, then my name is Snowdrop. Also, I am getting flashbacks of when I reviewed their Princess and Dwarfs slot. It was tragic.


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Get ready for the rockfall

This 95.08% RTP slot is most celebrated for its Rockways mechanic. It’s kinda Mascot’s (not so competitive) version of BTG’s Megaways or BGaming’s Trueways. Each spin can provide players with up to 46,656 ways to win.

But that’s got nothing to do with the Rockfall Features – these are modifiers designed to give you a leg up in the game.

The Rockfall Feature removes all winning symbols from the screen after they’re awarded and replaces them with new ones.

The Rockfall Multiplier sees the winning multiplier increase with every new Rockfall. In the Main Game, the multiplier can reach x5, and 25x in the Free Spins.


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Be greedy with free spins

The Free Spins round is pretty straightforward. Both the Rockfall Feature and Rockfall Multiplier Feature will be in play, and how to get these free spins is by either landing 3 or more Diamonds Stone Scatters or by buying them.

That’s about it for the Free Spins, so I may as well chat about this high volatility game’s Risk & Buy Feature some more. So, we’ve just gone through the Buy bit of the Risk & Buy Feature, where you have the option of purchasing the Free Spins series…

Now it’s time for the Risk bit. If you win in a spin, you’ll be given a chance to risk them for a spin with their winnings as the bet size. Very tempting. Very scary.


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All’s cool when it comes to goblins and gold!

Goblins, or whatever these green things in this game really are, are not my character type of choice (just like Harry Potter is the last movie I’d want to sit through). But, as a packaged deal, I guess Greedy Greenskins Rockways slot rocks me.

It’s strange, it’s familiar – very familiar – and it’s ready to have massive money raining down on you like falling rocks. Have you got your hard hat?