There’s No Green Beer at The Golden Inn Slot

I just found out that St. Patrick‘s Day is celebrated in more countries than any other national festival. In addition to being a national holiday in Ireland, Northern Ireland, a Canadian province, and a British territory called Montserrat, St. Paddy’s Day is widely celebrated in the UK, Canada, Brazil, the US, Argentina, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand. 

Join in on the fun this St. Patrick’s Day by visiting The Golden Inn slot from Nucleus for some green beer and merriment.

What’ll it be?

All symbols, except the scatter symbol, appear on the reels stacked. This isn’t a particularly unusual fact. However, Nucleus’s use of the pot of gold symbol is really interesting. Instead of stacking the same symbol on top of each other, when the pot of gold is stacked, it features a rainbow that extends upwards from the pot. This is obviously a play on the fairy tale that there’s a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. It’s a great touch that really adds a lot to the slot. However, I will say that it initially confused me. I thought it was some kind of bonus feature that I couldn’t quite work out. The slot’s paytable makes no reference to the rainbow at all, which made me even more confused. 


Play Now

A round of the slot’s free spins feature is triggered with three or more golden horseshoe symbols. Three golden horseshoe symbols will award eight free spins, four will award 12 free spins, and five will award 20 free spins. The slot’s free spins feature can also be retriggered.

During a round of free spins, all clover wild symbols feature either a 2x or 3x multiplier. The multiplier will be applied to any winning combination in which a multiplier wild is involved. When two or more multiplier wilds appear in the same winning combination, the wilds are not added together but multiplied. This means that if three 3x multiplier wilds are involved in the same winning combination, a 27x multiplier will be applied to your winning amount.

Is The Golden Inn slot worth a visit?

St. Patrick’s Day slots have been done and overdone a hundred times over. I truly believed that I would never see anything interesting from the theme again. I was wrong. The Golden Inn slot is subtle. However, when you take a few minutes to look around the slot, you notice so many beautiful details that the illustrators and animators have brought to life. The lighting is also beautifully managed. I particularly love the portal-like lighting effect given to the reels when two horseshoes appear on the reels, allowing the possibility for a round of free spins to potentially be triggered.

The slot’s bonus features aren’t particularly abundant, but they are well-themed and offer a lot of engagement. You could argue that the fairly low $88,406 max win seems at odds with the medium to high volatility. That’s certainly fair criticism. I think this slot would have been perfect with low volatility. The Golden Inn slot offers an RTP of 96.1%.

If you’re looking for a few other interesting Nucleus slots, I recommend trying out The Golden Inn slot’s Halloween-themed sister slot The Haunted In, and maybe Treasure on the Nile.