Become Super Rich Like Rich Uncle Pennybags in Monopoly Live!

There’s no doubt that you’ve spent many hours over the course of your life playing Monopoly, and we can’t blame you – it’s a classic board game. If you’ve ever dreamed of being as wealthy as Rich Uncle Pennybags – that’s the guy in the tux on the Monopoly box, in case you didn’t know – you’re going to want to check out Monopoly Live, right here at BitStarz!

Spin the Wheel and Guess the Outcome

Monopoly might not be played on a traditional Monopoly board, but it still packs a huge punch. In fact, Monopoly looks and feels just like Dream Catcher. All you have to do is place chips on the tickets that have the outcome you think is next. You can bet on more than one in every spin, but remember that this cuts down your potential winnings. If you want to take part in the bonus games, then you need to make sure you’ve got chips on the bonus game tickets.

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Number one appears on the reels the most and offers the lowest payout of 1:1, while the number two appears slightly less often on the wheel, but offers a 2:1 payout. If you like to chance your arm and chase the big payouts, you can go for the bigger numbers. The number five appears only a handful of times and pays out 5:1 while the number ten appears the least out of all numbers, but offers a 10:1 payout.

Place your Bets Nice and Easily

When the betting round is open, the betting area becomes enlarged and filled with colors. The chips are all easy to access and you have a range of quick bet features available, including a “Bet All” button. You can repeat bets and double up with the click of a button, and the autoplay feature gives you the power to automate your betting strategies so you can sit back and relax.


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Use the Stats to Your Advantage

Like all other good table games from Evolution Gaming, you’ve got access to a handy roadmap of the previous rounds. This shows you which numbers came up and in which order, allowing you to fine tune your strategy. While the outcomes in Monopoly are totally random, these stats will give you a good overview of the ranges the current live dealer is spinning in.


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Monopoly is the live action game you need to play this weekend if you’re after a big win. The action is exciting and the live dealers will have you laughing. Don’t forget to say hi to Rich Uncle Pennybags for us – he’s on the couch!