Set Sail Towards the Mighty Treasures With Three Corsairs

Set Sail Towards the Mighty Treasures With Three Corsairs Slot

Step up and become the baddest pirate the seven seas have seen since Blackbeard and Captain Barbossa and navigate the rough waters until you have reached your destination – the big golden treasure. Your tiny crew is awaiting your orders in the swashbuckling Three Corsairs slot.

Your only chance to be victorious means you must defeat your rival buccaneers once and for all. A take no prisoner attitude is a must as the €17,500 max win is a very sought-after commodity and everyone is gunning for it. Luckily your ship is loaded with free spins, bonus games, multiplier wilds and a buy feature.

With a bit of luck, you should be able to hold off the enemy long enough to secure the treasure and get home safe. Arrr you ready for another crazy adventure?

Make It Back in One Piece

These waters are as treacherous as they come and only a skilled navigator can control the 5 reels and 40 paylines in play. You are off to a great start just by reading this so there is definitely hope. Let the foggy mysterious vibe give you and your fellow crew members the confidence needed to be able to make it back in one piece.

Three Corsaris Slot Gameplay

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Helping you stay safe during your adventure is a medium volatility and a 95.50% RTP, while the €17,500 max win will keep you focused on the prize.

Win It or Lose It

One of the fan favorites at Mascot Gaming is the option of skipping the line and paying your way into the free spins feature. You can either risk your current win to get there or you can cough up the asked fee and head straight to the free spins. Will this be offered after every spin? Yes, sir!

X Marks the Spot

There is no pirate game without a treasure map and we are happy to see one here. It’s used for the bonus game so if you can land 3, 4 or 5 of the bonus symbol, you are off to the races.

As a player and captain, you are in charge of picking a destination on the map. Cash wins, multipliers and free spins are all hiding but will be revealed as you make your choice.

How to Get Free Spins

If you can attract scatters, landing 3, 4 or 5 of them will help you tremendously and since we are talking free spins, pulling that off will get you 10, 20 or 30 free spins respectively.

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There is a lot of loot waiting to be scooped up in the free spins round so get in there and show them who’s boss!

Step Aside Blackbeard

Life as a pirate is far from a life in luxury. However, with that said, pirates will sail around the world if they think there is a big enough treasure waiting for them. This is also the reason for the fierce race towards the big bucks in the Three Corsairs slot.

Chugging beers and swinging swords is not a bad pastime, so give it a go and see how you like it. Perhaps you will be able to knock Blackbeard off his pedestal.