Wazdan Adds Power of Gods: Valhalla Slot to a Growing Series

The creation story in Norse mythology is crazy! The giant Ymir was the first to pitch up to the party with the cow Audhumla, who licked the face of Buri, thus waking him up. Buri then enjoyed some alone time with the giantess Bestia who gave birth to Odin, who we all know is Thor’s dad. There’s also a side story where Ymir self-fertilized itself to give birth to the giants. See what I mean?

Explore some of this wild mythology in the new Power of Gods: Valhalla slot from Wazdan.

I’ve seen this one before, haven’t I?

Power of Gods: Valhalla slot is the fifth in the series and marks the third major graphical revamp despite it having a very similar feature set to Power of Gods: Hades and Power of Gods: Medusa. Unfortunately, like many slot providers, when it comes to god-themed video slots, it’s either Greek or Norse. And this time, we’re going with Norse mythology. AGAIN!


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Despite my annoyance that we’re again treading some very stale grounds, the slot does have some fantastic graphics. However, the creators do seem to have confused Valhalla and Asgard. The former is the Norse equivalent of heaven, while Asgard is home to the gods. Although, maybe we’re talking about some alternate reality where something killed all the gods, whose likeness serves as the slot’s high-paying symbols. That is definitely a fresh take on the genre I could get behind. Sadly, there is no indication that is actually what Wazdan had in mind.

The road to Valhalla is paved with gold

First things first, Power of Gods: Valhalla slot has variable volatility. To the left of the spin button, you can toggle between low, standard, and high volatility. When set to low volatility, you’ll win small amounts more often, and with high volatility, you can expect larger wins less often. This relatively rare feature gives you a great deal of flexibility to define what kind of gameplay you’d prefer.

If you’re looking for the big wins, however, you’ll need to grab some gold coins. With the appearance of six or more gold coin symbols on the reels, you’ll unlock the Hold the Jackpot feature. If you grab three, four, or five gold coins, the symbols will be fixed in place. The reels will then be respun once giving you another shot at unlocking the Hold the Jackpot feature.


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Once Hold the Jackpot is triggered, the symbols that unlocked the feature will be locked in place as the rest of the slot is spun with the aim of adding additional gold coin symbols within three respins. If you manage to grab another gold coin symbol, your respins will be reset back to three. However, if you go three respins without adding an additional gold coin symbol, the round will be concluded, and your winnings paid out.

In addition to standard win multipliers, you also have the chance to grab mini, minor, and major jackpot gold coin symbols for a shot at up to 150x your bet. Plus, if you managed to fill all 16 positions up with gold coin symbols, you will receive the grand prize jackpot of 1,000x your bet.

Is Power of Gods: Valhalla slot heaven sent?

Yes, it’s another slot themed around Norse mythology. There have been dozens upon dozens. And when you’re treading ground this well-worn, you really need something special to stand out. Power of Gods: Valhalla doesn’t do that. It’s fairly derivative, and, save the rare variable volatility, there really isn’t much to write home about.

The slot does offer a €214,500 potential max win, but with its fairly anemic 2,145x max multiplier, you’ll have to bet €100 a spin to chase that headline amount.

If you’re looking for a slot that takes a unique approach to Norse mythology, I recommend giving Hammer of Gods from Peter & Sons a try. The slot provider is known for taking creative approaches to their slots with some of the finest graphics in the business.