The Word of Thoth Slot Is Oozing With Divine Powers and Big Wins

Imagine the freedom that comes with creating a language? The Egyptian God Thoth is, among other things, considered to be the inventor of writing and the creator of language. Shakespear was a proclaimed wordsmith and knew how to really stretch a language but even he had to stick to the rules.

The mysterious Word of Thoth slot does also have rules but bagging a €147,680 max win can lead to a newfound sense of freedom where rules tend to feel a bit less suffocating. WIth divine powers in the mix, who knows what Thoth has in store for you but whatever it is, you will go through cascading reels, free spins and multipliers to find out.

Good vs evil? Wins vs losses? It’s hard to tell what to expect but there is no doubt you have an exciting challenge ahead.

Enter the World of Thoth

A dark, misty cave like setting is where it will all go down and there is definitely something special about this place. For all you Star Wars fans out there, with the body of a human and the head of an ibis, doesn’t Thoth remind you of an improved, more badass version of Watto?

As you try to dissect all 6 reels and 4,096 paylines, the soundtrack is excellent and really sets the mood. The Thoth symbol is the one that holds the highest value so keep an eye out and he will come to you.


Play Now

It’s not hard to completely disappear into the world of Thoth but you should be aware of the 96.10% RTP and high volatility that will help you get to the €147,680 max win. Your bet limit is maxed out at €20 so if you really want to win big, look for the 7,384x multiplier.

The Way to Expand Your Winnings

Because of the cascading symbols mechanics, every time you land a win, the symbols involved will disintegrate and new ones will come in to fill the empty spots. This means you can get another win and another one after that. Nice!

Keep it going for as long as possible and you can see how your winnings get bigger and bigger!

How to Get Free Spins á la Thoth

Who knows if Thoth is behind the birth of free spins as well but you can find a lot of them in this game. You can actually trigger them in more than one way, which is much appreciated. Do it the old classic way by landing at least 3 scatters (5 or more free spins) or you can pull off 5 consecutive cascading wins, which will give you 10 free spins.

Play Now

You can follow the cascading win processes on the meter in the top left corner and the meter comes into play even more during free spins. Why? Because this is how you get multipliers.

  • 3/5 on the meter = 1 extra free spin and increases multiplier by 3x
  • 4/5 on the meter = 2 extra free spin and increases multiplier by 5x
  • 5/5 on the meter = 5 extra free spin and increases multiplier by 10x

When your cascading win streak comes to an end, the meter will reset but the multipliers will remain, so try and build it up and you can laugh all the way to the bank.

Here’s a Shortcut

Yggdrasil has been kind enough to throw in a buy option where you can easily slide right into the free spins. Set your bet level to where you can afford it and cough up the requested sum. You will be spinning and winning with those free spins in a second. Boom!

A Pleasure to Play

We are used to seeing pyramids and deserts in Egyptian themed games but we are happy to see the Word of Thoth slot take a different route. The high-level graphics and superb soundtrack really makes this game a pleasure to play.

Give it a shot and feel the divine power as you pocket one big win after another!