We Wanna Rock – Rock the Reels of the Twisted Sister Slot

Get the make up kit out, rockers! We know there are a ton of closeted rockers out there, a bit too shy to show that side of you to the rest of the world. If you are looking for inspiration to let loose and start slapping the bass like Flea, destroy a guitar like Slash, tear up the drums like Dave Grohl or let your vocal cords to the talking, you need to rock the reels of the headbanging Twisted Sister slot!

The resuscitation of this legendary band is due to the rockers at Play’n GO and we salute you for it. Hall of farmers like Dee Sniders and the boys have brought so much joy and crazy memories to millions of people over the years and being able to rock with them once again is an honor. When you then throw in a max win of €225,000 and a bunch of cool features, we are ready to rock! Are you with us?

The Stage Is Set

For this World Tour, the stage they are using is a simple 6×6 reel set and it’s the cascading reels that will get you to the big bucks. Besides the fan favorite heavy metal props like guitar picks and a Twisted Sister pin, all the band members get their own symbol. Dee Snider, Jay Jay, Fingers, The Animal and A.J deserve nothing less so it’s a pleasure seeing them back in action.

As a tribute to the angry dad from their music videos, he has been given his own wild symbol and even his own feature.


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Get the Guitar Fully Charged

You’ll come across three twisted features while playing and getting a little help from time to time while you get to listen to the fantastic soundtrack is a pretty sweet gig. Get the band members involved in your winning combos and the big Guitar Charge Meter will increase by 1 for each member. You will fill the meter with 15 charges which is nothing but a guitar solo for a legend like yourself and as soon as you get 5 of them the band Band Features can appear completely random.

Scream – This feature will get rid of all surrounding non-member symbols around the selected symbols.

Go Wild – All selected symbols will be transformed into wilds.

Unite – Transforms symbols into the selected symbols.

We’re Not Gonna Take It Feature

As mentioned, the dad has his very own feature and to keep things simple, it’s called the Dad Gets Angry feature. It can be randomly triggered and will place 2 wilds onto your reels.

He also has his own anger meter and when he’s part of a winning combo and you collect 4 of him, it’s time for what we’ve all been waiting for… the We’re Not Gonna Take It feature! A bigger 2×2 Mega Symbol of the band will start exploring the reels and make it easier for more wins to come your way. Thanks, guys!

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Hit It out of the Park

A walk down memory lane is never a bad idea and Play’n GO really hit it out of the park with this one. While you slash, trash and cash in on these reels, don’t forget about Slot Wars where you can get your own piece of the €5,000 pie being given out each and every week.