Indulge in Peggy Sweets Slot

The not a lot about the 50s that I wish I could experience but roller drive-throughs are one of them. The thought of waitresses on roller skates wheezing through a parking lot delivering orders that latched onto the side of your car is just so novel. In my ideal world that experience would have followed a visit to a drive-in, which thanks to my age I only manage to experience once when I was very young.

Peggy Sweets slot from Red Tiger is a small taste of that nostalgia pie I have been looking for and there’s a lot to like.

Time for a bite to eat

So, you’re feeling peckish for a win and you’ve pulled into the Peggy Sweets slot drive-through? Time to place your order!


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During both base game play and during free spins, eight or more of the same symbol will pay regardless of where they are on the reels. This is a unique feature that I am not sure I’ve come across before.

Each of the three waitresses offers a unique bonus feature that can be triggered randomly when they are active. You can see which of the three is active at any one time by looking at the portrait shown in the top right corner of the slot. The pink waitress will swap symbols to complete winning combinations. The turquoise waitress with double one symbol. And finally, the yellow waitress will award a multiplier.

A round of free spins is triggered with the appearance of three or more scatter symbols. During a round of free spins, all three waitresses will be active and can be triggered randomly on any spin. When one of the waitresses is involved in a winning combination, a progress bar above the reels will be filled. Once the progress bar is completely full, bonus spins will be awarded.


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If you’re not keen on waiting around in the queue for your order, you can also select to purchase a round of the slot’s free spins feature.

Will Peggy Sweets slot give you a toothache?

Red Tiger has a knack for creating the most beautiful generic slots you’ll ever encounter. The graphics are always incredibly well done but the themes and stories within those themes that they explore are surface-level and never really challenge the player. Peggy Sweets slot falls into the same trap. It’s a beautiful slot on the surface, I just wished there was more there. An example of this lack of substance is the fact that the three waitresses that are such a key feature of the game don’t have names. They get symbols and that’s it.

The slot has high volatility meaning that gameplay will be slanted towards fewer large wins rather than more consistent smaller wins. As is expected with high volatility slots, the max win is impressive at €204,000, although it’s certainly not industry-beating, especially with a fairly average 5,100x max multiplier. The slot has a 95.68% RTP rating.

If you’re looking for a few other classic Red Tiger titles, then I recommend giving Mayhem and Rock’n’Lock a try.