Mythical Creatures and Mayhem in Tarasque Slot

In French mythology, the Tarasque is a mishmash of lion, bear, and serpent, with a turtle shell to boot. As the story goes, Saint Martha, stumbling upon it munching on a human snack, whipped out her holy water and cross, tamed it like a seasoned zookeeper, strapped her girdle around its neck as a leash, and paraded it into town. But, in a tale as old as time and as predictable as a rerun, the villagers gave it the classic ‘welcome wagon’ treatment with a hail of rocks and spears.

In the Print Studios’ version of the story, as told in the provider’s Tarasque slot, the beast escapes Martha’s control, and all kinds of mayhem ensues.

The beast is coming!

Tarasque slot employs cluster pays, meaning that a winning amount is awarded when five or more of the same symbol are touching vertically or horizontally. The slot has a total of 64 positions, which means the paytable has a long breakdown of how large a win each combination will pay.


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In addition to cluster pays, the slot also features cascading reels. This slot mechanic removes all symbols involved in a winning combination, allowing new symbols to fill the empty spots. If the new symbols complete another winning combination, the process will continue. That’s the standard form of cascading reels. Tarasque slot puts a little twist on the mechanic.

Each cascading win will fill up a meter to the left of the reels. The meter has five different levels that each trigger a different bonus feature as the meter reaches them. At the beginning of each spin, the meter is reset.

The bonus features triggered by the cascading wins meter:

  • Wild Spikes – A number of wild symbols are placed on the reels.
  • Blazing Gaze – The Tarasque awakens and blasts away all low-paying symbols.
  • Mage’s Morph – A number of Morphing symbols are placed on the reels at random.
  • Bulking Beast – The Tarasque will increase in size until there are no more wins. The beast is placed on the grid when the first level is unlocked and acts as a wild.


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Then, there’s the Morphing symbols. On every spin, one of the slot’s symbols will be selected to be the Morphing symbol, and all instances of that symbol on the reels will be given a blue border. If the selected Morphing symbol is involved in a winning combination, the symbols will transform to make a new, even larger winning combination.

Is Tarasque slot worthy of its mythical source material?

Tarasque slot offers a shot at $200,000 when betting at $10 a spin, thanks to the massive 20,000x maximum multiplier. That multiplier will also offer some impressive winning potential when you’re betting closer to the $0.10 minimum. The slot features medium to high volatility and an RTP of 96.3%.

Very few slot providers bother much with creating a compelling narrative for a slot. There are, however, a few notable exceptions. None have ever quite gone to the extreme that Print Studios has with Tarasque slot. The slot features a 90-second introduction about the slot’s main antagonist and why the villages are frightened. It’s a stunning piece of storytelling that had me hooked immediately. And the attention to detail continues well after the intro. The whole slot is beautifully put together, with fantastic graphics, fun animation, and engaging bonus features. A ten out of ten wouldn’t be enough for Tarasque slot. I give this one my very first eleven out of ten!

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