What is the HA System and Does it Work?

There are dozens of betting strategies out there, but when it comes to Baccarat the selection can be a little limited. Today, we’re going to take a look at a betting strategy that keeps you in the game as long as possible while giving you as much action as possible.

The High Action (HA) system puts you in the driving seat and gives you a chance to make your own luck!

What is the HA System?

For a lot of Baccarat strategies, you will end up sitting around waiting for the right moment, but that’s boring. The HA system instead allows you to be on virtually every single round, hence the name, high action.

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First up, you’re going to need to pick a series of outcomes to bet on, but the series should be at least three long. For example, you could go with PBP, BBP, PPB, PPP, BBB or anything in-between. Once you picked your sequence, make a little grid in excel with these listed at the top of a column, and mark out 6 rows down.

ha system

Then you start out by playing a full column of the first bet with 1 unit of stake. Mark in each box whether it was a win or a loss by adding -1 or +1 based on the result. In the event of a tie, replay the round.

What Happens in the Second and Third Column?

So, in your first column you will play with 1 unit of stake. Then in the second column you will play with two units and the third column you will play with three units of stake. If you want to play a fourth, you can, but not all bankrolls will allow for this. If this is the case for you, simply start a new sequence starting with 1 unit of stake.

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Does the HA System Work?

Now you’ve got the basics of the strategy, it’s time to get down to business and answer the tough question – does it work? In our testing, we ended up with a win from the session, but we did hit two rather nice banker streaks. If we’d opted for player instead of banker, it could have gone the other way, so you definitely need to hit a streak to make it work well.

On your sheet, have a box that adds up the totals. If you got into a hole and you make it back to the profit zone on the final row, walk away, even if it’s before you complete the column.

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Baccarat is A Simple Game

There are only three outcomes in baccarat, making it one of the most popular games with players that just want to have some fun. Bear in mind that Banker pays out less than Player, so factor this in when calculating your profits. It’s a good idea to note your entry balance so you can correlate and ensure you walk away in the green!