Glimpse into the Future of Every Hand in Peek Baccarat

In the rather forgettable 2007 action movie Next, Cris Johnson, who was played by Nicolas Cage, could see a few moments into the future. The usual action movie mayhem ensues, and Johnson eventually saves the day. Peek Baccarat bestows you with a similar supernatural power, giving you a glimpse into the future of each and every hand.

You won’t find Peek Baccarat anywhere else! Evolution has given BitStarz players exclusive early access to the game for the next three weeks. If you have never tried baccarat before, take a look at our beginner’s guide to learn how to place your first bet.

Your chance to see into the future

Baccarat was invented in the 14th century in Italy before spreading across Europe and eventually the world. Over hundreds of years of history, the game has evolved very little. That’s all about to change!


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Peek Baccarat takes a completely new spin on the game. It not only adds a second round of betting, but it also adds a peek feature that gives you a chance to look at a part or all of the final result of each round before deciding whether or not to increase your bet.

Like many great inventions before it, Evolution’s decision to split up the betting into two rounds and add the peek mechanic is as simple as it is brilliant.

Are you ready to take a peek?

After placing your initial bet, two-card hands are dealt to the banker and the player – no surprises for baccarat players there. Once dealt, however, between one and four of the cards are revealed at random, giving you a peek at the outcome of the round. You are then given the option to increase your bet by up to a maximum of 3x your original bet. The remaining cards are then revealed, and the result tallied.


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Now, like most superpowers, your peek into the future comes at a cost. Any bets placed on the player or banker betting spots will incur a 20% Peek Fee. This fee is only applied to your initial bet and not any double or tripled bets placed during the second round of betting.

Has Peek Baccarat changed the game forever?

Yes! The extra round of betting with the peek mechanic makes Peek Baccarat a game-changer. Apart from the odd baccarat purist, there is now very little reason to ever go back to just plain old baccarat. It’s almost amazing that Evolution has handicapped their other baccarat titles by releasing the seemingly superior Peek Baccarat.

Things get even better when we look at the numbers. With a massive 98.80 RTP rating and a maximum payout of €55,000, you’ll be in for big wins if you play your cards right.

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