Hurry up – Only 48 Hours Left of the Sweet Level up Adventure!

Time flies when you are having a blast and on the cusp of making some serious coin. A record number of our BitStarz players are busy battling it out for the €10,000 big prize that is eagerly waiting for you on the other side of the Sweet Level Up Adventure’s infamous level 40, but time is running out!

You need to get a move on because only 48 hours remain of this fierce competition so if you have any aspirations of being the champ or snatching up any more of the epic prizes it’s time to stop hitting the snooze button.

With this much on the line, our suggestion is to clear your calendar and focus as that’s what it will take to get there. Will you chicken out or are you ready to put your skills on full display and show that you are not to be messed with and be the best when it counts?

Start Spinning Now!

If you are still hesitant on what’s the best way to pick up the pace in order to really get things going, the secret word is slots. Playing our slots is without a doubt the quickest way to level up and really make an impact on your progress.

Hitting the slots count 100% towards your level up requirements while the table games will count for only 5%. As time is running out and it’s time to start sprinting towards the finish line, speed is the key word in order to be the player that first crosses the finish line and pocket the €10,000 in cash!

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The Clock Is Ticking

No matter how sweet you think the Level Up Adventure is, it will come to an end on June 26, which is only 48 hours away! Even if you know you won’t make it to level 40 before time runs out, remember there are a lot of reasons why you need to step on the gas.

We hope you haven’t forgotten about the €50,000 in individual prizes that you can get a big chunk out of. On top of the cash prize, levels 15 and 25 are other milestones where you will pick up the insanely comfortable and trendy BitStarz hoodie (level 15) and the classy BitStarz anti-theft backpack (level 25). It’s a no-brainer!

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BitStarz Can Make Your Dreams Come True

At BitStarz we love to give positive news and when one of our legendary promotions is coming to an end it simply means that the next one is that much closer. Did you ever dream about owning a gold bar? Don’t worry, you’ll get your chance! Make sure to stay tuned.

But first, there’s only 48 hours left of the Sweet Level Up Adventure!