You Can Win Up to €225,000 in Magic Piggy Slot!

I didn’t have an issue with clowns growing up. I had an issue with top-hat magicians who waved wands around and cut people in half.

As a kid, I was too young to understand the art of illusion, and as an adult, I was too old to waste my time on dudes who learn magic tricks on YouTube. Me and magicians were never going to gel. So I am surprised I took an interest in Magic Piggy slot.

I don’t have a particular affinity for pigs, and we know how I feel about magic tricks. But anything is better than facing the hoard of St. Patrick’s Day slots coming in.

A very strange theme indeed

Hacksaw Gaming has been releasing some bangers lately, and they’ve been good vibes only for me. Take R.I.P City slot, for instance. It’s Punk Rock/Emo magic and follows the story of an underground scene mouse and his moron cat friend as they operate a mafia money ring.

Magic Piggy  slot is not like this. It’s not even in the same hemisphere. But it does have its charm, and yes, not everyone is looking for the most ‘out there’ slot in the world to play.

Some people want piggy banks and magic hats. And that’s exactly what they’ll get here, and then some.


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Make magic in the base game

The stand-out features in the base game of this medium volatility slot revolve around Magic Piggies and Magic Hats. Notice how the pigs are now magicians.

Heck, why am I complaining? I’ll take whatever magic I can get if it means winning big at the casino – even if it is from an enchanted golden pig. So, here’s how these features unfold…

The Magic Piggy is what the providers call “a revealing symbol”, and when it lands on the reels, it either reveals a Wild Symbol or a Bill Stack Symbol. However, for them to transform, the Magic Hat needs to be on the reels too.

We all know how Wilds work by now, but the Bill Stack awards instant cash prizes, and that’s always a bonus. You could also reveal a Multiplier Coin along the way – and this will add up to x5 to your ultimate win.


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Cue the pig puns

I don’t blame Hacksaw for naming one of the bonus rounds, Epig Bonus, it is hard to resist when all you’ve been working with, looking at, and thinking about, are golden pigs.

As there are 2 bonus rounds here, let’s start with the first, the Pig Bonus. The Pig Bonus is activated, and 10 Free Spins are granted when 3 FS Scatters land on the reels simultaneously.

Star and Super Star Scatters that land help you collect Piggy Points – which award additional free spins once the meter has been filled.

The Epig Bonus, on the other hand, is the same as the Pig Bonus, but requires 4 FS Scatters to activate, and comes with progressive Piggy Points. They’re both a buzz and worth playing.


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Did someone say you can win €225,000 here?

Yeah, I said it! Because it’s totally true. The new Magic Piggy slot can be the reason you wake up rich one day. Who knows?

It has so many features you can buy instantly, like Bonus Hunt Free Spins, Magical Feature Spins, More Magical Feature Spins, the Pig Bonus and the Epig Bonus.

It also has a 96.19% RTP. So, whether you like pigs, magicians, emo mice, clowns, or not, Piggy Magic slot calls the shots in the big win department – so give it a try.