Run for your lives – the dead are rising in Necromancer slot!

It doesn’t matter if you call it resurrection, reanimation, or reincarnation, the possibility of giving death the finger is something that has captured the imagination of humanity for centuries. Well, imagine no more.

Necromancer slot from Evoplay gives you the chance to raise an army of the dead to do your bidding. So, is it filled with life or dead as a doornail? Let’s find out, shall we?

It’s alive. IT’S ALIVE!

Necromancer slot is like nothing you’ve seen in the land of the living. Instead of traditional reels, the slot’s symbols are displayed as rows of fully realized 3D characters that are raised from the ground with each “spin.” The characters are beautifully animated, giving a sense that the slot is filled with undead life. Even on its own, this is an extremely compelling experience. But it gets better.


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Evoplay has built a 360-degree gaming experience into its Necromancer slot that can be accessed with a VR headset and your smartphone. Now, I know what you’re thinking. You don’t just have a VR headset just lying around. The thing is, they’re significantly more affordable than you may think. You can pick up one on Amazon for as little as €30. And it’s most definitely worth it!

Sacrificed for wins!

Black magic always comes with a price, and in Necromancer slot, sacrificing symbols to the dark forces will boost your winning combinations.

During base gameplay, each win will be rewarded with a respin. Before the respin is spun, the necromancer will select an unsuspecting character to sacrifice in his bubbling cauldron. That symbol will then be cloned, increasing its presence on the reels and your chances of winning big along with it.


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Sacrificing symbols to boost your wins is taken to the next level during a round of free spins. Grab three or more golden chest scatter symbols and let the sacrificing begin. Unlike in the base game, during free spins, a randomly selected character is chosen to be sacrificed before every spin. If you win, you’ll get another spin and another sacrifice for even more cloned symbols.

Will Necromancer slot rest in peace?

In a world filled with zombie slots with little personality and nothing to differentiate them from one another, Necromancer slot stands apart. The slot utilizes a unique 3D mechanic that makes the gameplay feel different and unique. This is backed up by some great bonus features, an RTP rating of 96%, and the chance to hit the €57,150 jackpot. The slot also offers low to medium volatility, ensuring that you’ll get the chance to enjoy longer periods of play without a heavy burden on your balance. The result is a must-try slot that we highly recommend.

Necromancer slot is also just a taste of what you can expect from Evoplay. They’ve made a name for themselves in the industry by introducing unique one-of-a-kind game mechanics. We recommend Dungeon: Immortal Evil and Sprinkle if you are looking for something a little different.