Zoom Through Egyptian Gold Faster with These Top Tips!


Egyptian Gold is the talk of the town, and we know you’re dying to win that luxurious trip for two all the way to Cairo – who wouldn’t want to sip cocktails and watch the sunset over the pyramids? There are a couple of players leading the pack, so we’re going to give you top secret tips on how to catch up with the leaders and win that trip of a lifetime!

Hit the Slots… Hard

Egyptian Gold is all about progressing through levels and making it to the next as fast as possible. The levelling up metric works by calculating turnover and each level has a set amount of turnover required to complete. Now, slots contribute 100% to your turnover requirement for Egyptian Gold, meaning you get more bang for your buck. On top of this, the higher your bets, the more turnover you complete, so hit the slots hard. Bigger bets mean bigger wins, which translates into greater levels of turnover, meaning you can zoom through the levels by hitting the slots hard.

Table Games Count

Slots are undoubtedly the king of these promotions, and games with ultra-turbo spins reign supreme. Wolf Gold Slot is a fan favorite and has helped many players steam through the levels. That being said, not everybody is a fan of the slots – some like to play table games. Table games only count 5% towards your turnover, so you need to play many more hands before you hit the same level as a player just spinning the reels. That being said, table games can be very lucrative, meaning you can play for longer and win bigger – so your budget for the month goes a lot further.

Ditch the Bonuses

Unfortunately, bonuses don’t count towards your Egyptian Gold progress, so look at ditching them as fast as possible. The best way to do this is to blow through your bonuses in just a handful of spins on a high paying slot. Azrabah Wishes has been dishing out the cash lately, making one player a multi-millionaire. These high paying slots will give you more cash to play with and get you leveling up faster than ever before in Egyptian Gold.

With these epic tips, you will be able to chase down the leaders and bag that trip to Cairo for yourself. If you miss out on the trip, don’t worry too much – there are €50,000 individual prize pools up for grabs for every player. So, hit the reels and level up fast in Egyptian Gold today!

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