Skye Schmidt

Bomb Squad Slot Review

In university, I was known as the bomb. The lack of sleep, nutrients, and any personal time left me deprived and angry about it. My roommates noticed I was never angry eating, so they all started carrying around jelly tots, M&Ms, starburst, jelly beans,and whatever else they could find to stop me from blowing up. Safe to say, after a month, I had picked up an insane amount of weight, and we switched over to grapes. Less effective, to be honest. But hopefully, your bomb-defusing in this game is better than theirs; get big wins or blown away in Bomb Squad by Evoplay.


An instant game with a 96% RTP.

It is a unique game putting you in the place of a bomb defuser with so much to lose and so much to win. The game aims to cut the correct wires; if you do so you win; if you cut the wrong wires, boom, you lose. There are 3 different wires and varieties. There are losing, neutral, and winning wires. In the easy level, there are 2 winning wires, and 1 losing and neutral. The normal level offers 2 of each type of wire. There are only 2 winning and neutral wires in the hard level, with 4 losing wires.

The bet settings can be found on the level selection page, while the rules and controls can be found on the screen's left-hand side.


The game offers multipliers for each round that you can win by selecting the winning wire before the losing one. The easy multiplier is x1.44, the normal multiplier is x1.76, and the hard level boasts a multiplier of x2.52.

Unique Features

Besides the whole game being unique, we appreciate the "first time right" bigger multiplier. If you select the winning wire on your first cut, the slot rewards you with a bigger multiplier. The normal multiplier goes from x1.76 to x2, while the hard multiplier goes from x2.52 to x3.


Quick game information input and output, as well as excellent graphics and response animations. No issues to be reported.

Max Coin

The max coin win of this instant slot game is x3.


This isn't your standard slot game, but it was definitely a surprise we enjoyed. The theme and concept are out of this world and are incredibly unique. The plain brick background really brings the brilliantly detailed hand and bomb forward in the frame. The cutting animation is well done and does not display any stutter. Not only is the game concept and design outstanding, but the slot also features multipliers to make your time gaming and gambling even more fun. It may not be the most thought-provoking game, but who doesn't want to test their bomb defuser skills without any of the risks and so much to win. An entertaining game that we think anyone and everyone will love.

Slot details

Software: Evoplay
Game Type: Video Slots
RTP: 96.0%
Bonus Round: No
Progressive: No
Free Spins: No
Max Coin Win: x3

Published by:
BitStarz, award-winning Bitcoin Casino