$227,499 Big Win: It’s Called Wild Cash Slot for a Reason!

What better way to end off September than with two big wins at BitStarz?

On Friday, I told you all about the $281,531.75 on Buffalo Hold and Win slot. And today, I get to share excellent news of another win, of $227,499 hit on Wild Cash slot.

I’m not a jealous girlfriend, but I am a jealous casino player. What I wouldn’t do to win this. Ok, there’s a lot I wouldn’t do – like sign myself up for Squid Games, but I think I would nail Snowflake Mountain for that kinda money.

And this is coming from someone who is frequently called “high maintenance.” Anyway, this is not about me, this is about a lucky player and a very big BitStarz win.

Classic slots rock

Classic slots are classic slots. They have 3-reels and usually stick to the standard ‘fruit’ or ‘diamond’ categories.

This is way limiting. And given that there are thousands of classic slots out there, all with the same themes, styles, mechanics, and paylines, I have realized that providers get pretty desperate when it comes to finding names for their new classic slots.

Take Fire Hot slot, for example. ‘Fire Hot.’ Really? How about Hot Volcano slot? These titles are so basic Jeff Ross would have a field day roasting the hell out of them.

You’d expect a volcano in Hot Volcano slot – at the very least. But no, you get burning pineapples instead.

Thankfully, BGaming’s games mean what they say. In Wild Cash slot, you can get wild amounts of cash. And we’ve just seen this with the most recent $227,499 big BitStarz win.

Well done, BGaming. I am golf clapping for you.



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Here’s what makes Wild Cash cool

Apart from having just made someone rich, Wild Cash slot has a bonus feature that I haven’t seen before in casino games.

I’m not saying it’s the first of its kind, but I’ve played many slots and never come across this. So, I’d call it unique and something you should definitely give a go.

Once you land 3 Scatters on the reels or use the Bonus Buy option, you’ll head into a game of Multiplier madness.

Anyway, enough of my rambling… Let’s check out this cool bonus feature. What do you say?



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This pop-up bonus game is the only special feature that this medium volatility slot has, and I guess our big winner milked it for all it’s worth. And I say all it’s worth because they were a hair short of winning the game’s maximum win amount. Amazing stuff.

A 3-reel line lit up in typical slot style will dominate your screen, and you will be asked to spin for a Multiplier.

Each row will spin and stop on a random number between 0 to 9. This means you could line yourself up an awesome 999x.

Although, from my experience, the zeros feel like they have dumbbells attached to them, because even when I teeter between 0 and 1, or 0 and 9, 0 seems to be the dude that ultimately wins the see-saw competition.

But, it’s all about luck, and we’ve seen for ourselves what luck can do. It can have you winning huge.



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The next big win is for you!

New month. New opportunities. And so many games with huge wins to snatch up.

There’s never been a better time to join the big winners in their glory, because there’s clearly magic going around at BitStarz. I mean, I love this casino, there’s always magic going around.

There’s also paranormal activity haunting the reels, because our Halloween Adventure – Level Up is on. So why not go for a big win, and climb the leaderboard for more?

This is the place to play!