A true quest for greatness awaits in Mysteries of the East!

Now here’s something you don’t see every day. Ever wagered to win with a board game before? Mysteries of the East board game has a new twist on gambling. It’s kind of like Monopoly, mixed with Snakes and Ladders, and then mixed with pure exhilarating casino fun.

We’re going to guide you through a few steps to take when making your way through the map in the game. It’s a little like a role-playing game. So get into character okay! We’re headed to the East in this epic adventure from Evoplay games, on a journey to riches and rewards. Are you ready? We hope so. Because you’ve never seen gambling like this before!

Pack your luck for the journey, it’s going to be epic!

When entering the game you will be given a quick guide on how it works before you enter. Because this is no ordinary spinning of the reels. Here, you’ll be rolling the dice to advance on the path to greatness. You will be helping the heroine Keiko, on her quest to find the Orchid Temple filled with treasures and secret knowledge of the Gods of Fortune. Exciting right?


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The pathway is laid out with various positions on a map. The details are incredible. This really feels like an adventure game. Some of the positions have multipliers, some have features and bonuses, and some have pits. Roll the dice and Keiko will walk through as many positions as the number you rolled to reach the final destination. Every roll will cost you one bet.

If Keiko lands on a multiplier, your bet for the roll will be multiplied and becomes your winnings. If she lands on a position that has a pit, Keiko will fall in and you’re back to the beginning of the map. But that’s okay, you get to start winning from the beginning again.

Sightseeing along the way can help for bigger wins

When Keiko lands on any of the positions that display a fox head and tail, she will magically transform into a speedy fox. Once she has taken her new canine form, your next roll with the dice will double the amount rolled. For example, if you rolled a six, she will move at lightning pace through 12 positions! Get to the Orchid Temple ahead of schedule and bag the incredible treasures that await!


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If Keiko lands on a position that has a doorway called a Shinto Shrine, you’ll find a thrilling bonus game waiting when she enters. Here, you’ll get to pick one of three enchanted treasure chests to reveal a multiplier. This will then multiply your bet for the roll and become your super winnings. Get Keiko to stop by at the shrine and put the 96.06% RTP to good use.

What happens when you reach the Orchid Temple?

You get the treasures and the secret knowledge of the Gods of Fortune of course! We told you that already, didn’t we? When Keiko lands in front of the Orchid Temple, she will enter. Even if you roll a higher number than the positions left on the map. We can’t expect her to walk past the final destination of the quest after all.

It’s where you will be awarded a 50x multiplier for your bet, but as the legend says that fortune favors the brave, so you might just be awarded a 100x multiplier. And if the knowledge of the Gods of Fortune can enlighten you, you’ll be bagging a sensational 500x multiplier! Mysteries of the East board game has medium volatility which makes for relaxed gameplay as the wins roll in and the dice roll out.