Platinum Lightning slot zaps the competition with legendary gameplay!

Whatever happened to those Percy Jackson Movies? You know. The one where Greek mythology gets a modern twist. It’s about a teenage boy in a modern era who finds out he’s the son of Poseidon. He goes on these crazy adventures related to the myths and legends of Ancient Greece with his buddies and eventually, he’s reunited with his cyclops brother…

Anyhow, that’s not quite what’s happening in Platinum Lightning slot. We just thought we’d put that out there, those were good movies. Once again we find ourselves travelling to Ancient Greece. Among all those legendary heroes and deities from a time when the world was a much bigger place, and the stories of these heroes were as true as steel.


Oops! Did I break a plate?

Zorba the Greek! Not the 1946 Greek-American comedy-drama, but the famous Greek Gypsy-like acoustic song with a very particular dance that goes with it. Kind of like the Riverdance of Greece. This catchy song is part of our soundtrack in Platinum Lightning slot and you’ll recognize the unforgettable tune immediately.


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It becomes quite the ear-worm to be honest and you’ll find yourself humming it all day, as this game is all about the immersion factor. Be careful not to break anything out of frustration for the continuous melody inside your head. Maybe that’s why smashing plates has become such a tradition at Greek weddings!

Herc or Arnie?

Platinum Lightning from BGaming has astounding HD graphics with well-designed characters and symbols. We find a few well known Greek characters like Hercules son of Zeus, the Schwarzenegger of the ancient world. Hercules is depicted as the muscular demi-god, battling Achelous the mighty river deity who transforms into a colossal serpent.

Ares the Greek God of war… let us rather not mention who he resembles in modern times. Medusa the guardian, who was once a beautiful priestess of Athena, and transformed into a hag with live snakes for hair. It is said that if you look her in the eye you would turn to stone. Don’t worry her symbol in this game is a coin with her face on it so you’ll be just fine.

Give the Minotaur a minute or two

The background music sets a very relaxed tone, however, the game itself is far from it. It’s quite a harmonious balance. Platinum Lightning slot is filled with exciting features. Most of which are quite common with games of this sort, but here we find some of them with a slight twist. The Minotaur for example plays as our Bonus symbol but only appears on reels 1 and 5. The good news is that you only need two of these mystical bad boys to trigger 10 free spins.

During the free spins, reels 1 and 5 are composed totally of Wild symbols, represented by the ancient ship symbol in the game. These Wild symbols lock into place for the duration of the free games allowing for more possible winning combinations. It substitutes for all symbols but not the Scatter. We also find an exciting gamble feature available after every winning spin, should you want to try your luck at doubling or even quadrupling your winnings.


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Poseidon, another famous Greek deity plays as our Scatter symbol. No exciting features are triggered when three or more of him pop up although he does have great payout odds. Other symbols include the Titaness Themis with a sword and the Scales of Justice. Artemis, the daughter of Zeus. Goddess of hunting, nature, and chastity aiming her bow and wearing a skimpy outfit.

Poseidon’s kids are all over the place

Platinum Lightning will plunge you into a gaming experience filled with excitement and reward. It operates smoothly during gameplay and is very easy to understand. The game has many exciting features, always leaving you wanting more with the very impressive 96.3% RTP and medium volatility that keeps those winning combos rolling in at a steady pace.

HD graphics accompanied by the Greek-themed soundtrack create a virtual gaming environment that would captivate the mind and wallet of any player.