When You Mess With the Bull, You Get the Golden Horns Slot

The big rotating cylinder is back in business and once again proving that there is nothing wrong with simplicity and when the wild ox is on the loose, sky’s the limit with the Golden Horns slot. Don’t mistake simplicity for boring as this game is far from it. Loaded with action, big wins and a ton of entertainment, Betsoft delivers once again!

We would gladly take the golden horns if it meant pocketing a €228,096 max win so we can’t wait to put the magic cylinder to the test. Ride the wild ox all the way to massive multiplier wins and off into the sunset.

Set the Tone

Your playing field is a bit smaller than what you are used to as the cylinder only contains 3 reels and a single payline. Visually very pleasing, the reels spin to the beat of the drum and traditional Chinese music. Golden lions and the classic red lanterns set the tone, with the bonsai tree as the highest valued symbol, followed by the koi fish and the lucky frog.


Play Now

All the gold on the screen makes you want to win and with a high volatility and a 96.26% RTP in play, the €228,096 max win is dangling in front of you as motivation. It’s not the only thing worth playing for though, as you can score a 25,344x multiplier on any given spin.

Say Hello to the Golden Ox

Although the max win is the obvious goal, there won’t be a lot of distractions in terms of bonus features on the way as your only focus should be on the wild ox and trigger the Charge of the Wild Ox feature.

Play Now

It’s all about the multipliers and you the golden ox is needed in order to reel them in.

Triple Threat Multiplier

One ox can get you a nice little boost of up to 88x your stake but the bigger wins will come when you land 3 of them across the board.

When this happens, your payout will be 288x your stake but that’s not even all. On top of this, you will still get the random boost of 2x to 88x your stake, possibly leading to the maximum 25,344x multiplier win. Boom!

Your heart may skip a beat or two but you can skip all over town after you’ve pocketed the winnings.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Kudos, Betsoft! Sometimes you just want to change things up and see something different and the Golden Horns slot is the perfect solution for that. It looks great, plays even better and there is nothing to complain about in terms of wins.

It is simply a breath of fresh air and you should give it a spin. Good luck!