AI and Jackpots Are on the Rise in Machina Megaways Slot!

Darwin was my dude. But I’m not here to tell you about his Theory of Evolution – because if you didn’t know that we are made from monkeys, then WTF did you learn about in school?

I am here to tell you that Darwin missed something pivotal! Evolution doesn’t end with man. It ends with robots. But he did the best he could with the information he had in the 1800s.

Who could have predicted that AI would be a thing? And that robots could be smarter than humans? It’s mind-blowing, and I’m not ready to become one or become besties with one!

But heck, Machina Megaways slot is here to condition me, and us, for things to come.

Machina Megaways is the future

Well, at least it is for Kalamba Games because this is one of their first slots to feature new partner, Big Time Gaming’s mega Megaways mechanic. This is exciting and symbolic.

Gaming evolution meets world evolution, where star-pupil robots and ultra-popular slot features join forces to present you with the opportunity to win up to €319,200.

If this isn’t a match made in heaven (despite science’s views on heaven), then I don’t know what is!


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Disrupt the algorithm and hit the Hyperbonus

In real talk, algorithms mean nothing in slot games, but in AI, oh boy, they’re everything! In this high volatility slot, you’ll be spinning reels with a robot and four master coders with the aim to hit a bonus round – by landing 3 or more pretty gloomy, cracked, Fiery Earth symbols.

But you don’t have to hang around for Machina to deliver. With the Hyperbonus, you can break the rules of AI and activate 1 of 4 bonuses at any time!


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The free spins are far from science fiction

They’re real, and they’re super-charged with multidimensional free spins features. On the right-hand side of the reels, you’ll see a Bonus Accumulation Meter, which fills up with each Circuit Board symbol that lands in the free spins rounds.

Once you’ve collected enough accumulation points and the meter is at its fullest, you’ll be rewarded with extra spins and transforming symbols for extra wins.


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Power on the Platinum Cashpot

As we’ve established, I’m still wary of artificial intelligence, but I am so fully open to the possibility of massive jackpot wins – and if this means I need to accept AI, then I will.

This 96.59% to 97.42% RTP slot has 3 Cashpots to win; Silver, Gold, or Platinum. And to do this, you’ll need to get between 10 to 16 Machina symbols on the screen in a single spin.

It sounds bizarre, but this is the Megaways world, where there are many more paylines and more grid positions. So, this is not an impossible task. If a robot can do it, you can do it…

Scratch that. Robots may be smarter than us. But, if I can do it, you can do it!


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This cyborg is ready to show you what it’s made of!

And no, I’m not talking about metal, motherboards, wires, and LED lights; I’m talking about full-on artificial intelligence action!

If you’ve seen Ex Machina and were a fan, this is right up your sci-fi alley. And even if you’re a skeptic, like me, let the spins and wins speak for themselves.

It’s time you took a robot for a ride – do it in the new Machina Megaways slot at BitStarz!