Goddess of the Night Slot: Strange Name but Good Game!

Oh boy, when I first saw the title “Goddess of the Night,” my mind went off on a wild tangent! I mean, with a name like that, you can’t help but think of something scandalous, right?

But hey, let’s put those cheeky thoughts aside because this game is actually about the Aztec Empire, featuring a goddess who looks more like a gorgeous MMA fighter. This chick puts McGregor to shame.

Yeah, the whole shebang with this slot is a bit strange and unexpected, but that’s what makes it interesting, right?

Anyway, with up to €280,300 to win, I say; let’s embrace the randomness of Goddess of the Night slot, and dive into a new Aztec adventure!

Let’s get cultured

So, I don’t know too much about the Aztec Empire, apart from the human sacrifices, and the invention of chocolate. Thankfully, Evoplay is here to culture us about Aztec goddesses too.

This 20-payline video slot is based on Xochiquetzal, the goddess of pretty much everything womanhood, like fertility, childbirth, pregnancy, beauty, sexual power (yes that too), and crafts (crafts?).

Well at least this is what I’ve decided to absorb from this history lesson. Hey, baby steps. We only learned about Hitler and Cavemen at school, with nothing in between – except for maybe dinosaurs when I was in preschool.


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We are not alone in this jungle

It’s not as eerie as that. We’ve got the Drops and Multipliers features, and the power of other Aztec gods lingering through the jungle, helping us secure lush wins – because they’re our high-paying symbols!

The base game feature in this medium to high volatility slot involves cascading reels, which, if you didn’t know, means that all symbols that form part of a win will explode to make space for new ones. That would be the “Drop” part of the Drops and Multipliers feature.

As for the Multipliers, you’ll see above the reels that there’s an active multiplier on display, and the value it’s on will be added to your wins. You can indulge in multipliers ranging from x1 to x5 in the base game.


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Feast on full moon free spins

The moment all players wait for is the big bonus game, and the time to dive into that is now. Like pretty much every other slot in the world, Goddess of the Night slot offers Free Spins as its bonus feature.

Except, you get to choose 1 of 3 types, putting power in your hands. You can play 18 free spins with multipliers reaching x10, 12 free spins with multipliers reaching x15, or 6 free spins where the multipliers go as high as x30.

Think carefully, this might be a quality-over-quantity situation. Oh, and unfortunately there’s no Buy Bonus option in this one. Which sucks.


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Pyramids vs temples

Man, the Goddess of the Night slot confusion never ends. Evoplay describes the bonus game as a descent inside an “ancient pyramid”. But aren’t pyramids an Egyptian thing? I’m not even gonna ask that question because it’s rhetorical.

The Aztecs had temples, just like you can have up to €280,300 in this 95.97% RTP release!

P.S. If you were expecting a midnight vixen, then I congratulate you for making it this far 😉