Get your piece of the good-luck pie in Finnegan’s Formula slot!

Everybody, meet Finnegan. Finnegan is a proudly-Irish botanist who has been testing the limits of the lucky four-leaf clover. He’s taken this powerful and prosperous plant to task, mixing it up with rainbow stardust and horseshoe shavings to see if he can create a brand-new slot-winning formula.

It seems this Leprechaun lad has done it. After many pipe-smoking and beer-drinking trials – he’s actually discovered the secret ingredient for success on the slots. Drinking Finnegan’s Formula slot will give you thousands of ways to win up to €100,000. Do you want a piece of the good-luck pie? Get down to Finnegan’s lab today and take a sip of his special elixir.

Finnegan’s found the secret to success

Finnegan’s Formula slot is the newest addition to the Kalamba treasure trove of games, and is packed with colorful thrill and delight, and over 7,700 ways to win.

In this exciting adventure, you’ll be chasing vials of abounding potions for big wins. What goes into an endeavor of this nature? A look into Fin’s extraordinary green-house lab will give us the answers.

You’ll be spinning reels of fortune, made up of Four-Leaf Clovers, Horseshoes, Leprechaun Hats, Beer Mugs, Purple Pipes and Card Deck values from 9 to Ace.


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Mixing things up in this laboratory are the special symbols. The Wild is of Finnegan in all his green glory, the Bonus is suitably, a Pot of Gold, and most unique of all the symbols is the Rainbow Vile. These vials are where you’ll find the magic to turn your game into a winning recipe.

Kalamba features to make lucky loot with

Finnegan’s Formula slot has 4 signature Kalamba features that you can razzle and dazzle with on your way to those lucky life-changing wins.

We have the K-Raise Feature. This feature entails collecting vials of Fin’s special elixir on the reels. These vials will then burst to raise the column it lands on, giving you more ways to win. The vial is empty? No worries… it’ll give you a cash win and reset the column to its original size.

Landing vials also influence the K-Cash Feature. For every vial hit, the K-Cash metre will build up for a chance to raise the column once again, and increase your chances of winning.


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Like any great slot game, there’s a Free Spins round to dabble with too. Land 3 or more Pot of Gold symbols to activate this feature. In the round of free spins, the aim is to expand the columns as much as you can by chasing vials of Fin’s elixir. The more K-Cash symbols you get, the more cash will be collected for you.

Spinning a few of these folkloric reels, you may come across the HyperBonus button. This is a Buy Feature where you can pay to have the bonus triggered instantly.


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Chase vials to victory!

This enchanting new game channels the luck of the Irish, and delivers indigenous potions right to your screen so that you can feel the magic too.

Fin’s a smart man, he knows that sometimes folklore is just folklore, so he’s thrown a little science into the brew to make fantasy a reality. This charming slot has a high volatility, and a 95.95% RTP, and will certainly top your morning.

Finnegan’s Formula slot is available to play at BitStarz, so head down to Leprechaun land and let Fin show you how true slot success is achieved.