Kiss frogs for royal rewards in Pucker Up Prince slot

Let’s be honest, we’ve all had to kiss a few frogs to find our Prince Charmings. Some of us even dated those frogs for way too many years… not realizing there is a whole pond out there with better frogs to frolic with.

Those of you still tangoing with toads, take it from us, all is not lost. Each frog kiss is one step closer to real love, and big wins, with Pucker Up Prince slot. Kissing the right croaker could award you with a very royal reward, so keep an eye out everywhere you go and stick a juicy one on the next frog you meet.

Take a dip in the pond of promise

It’s not hard to deduce that this Habanero slot is based on the story of the Frog Prince – it’s the banjo that gave it away… The princess knows better than to kiss and tell.

These fairytale reels will have you spinning for wins like a psychedelic royal. The symbols telling this magical story are the King, the Joker, the Treasure Chest, the Diamond, the Wishing Well, the Gold Ring, the Banjo, the Fish, the Mushroom, and the Lily Pad.

The Wild symbol is the Princess kissing the Frog Prince, and the Scatter is a Crown. There is also a Bonus Envelope that could spin your way too.


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The Beatles could have whipped up a banger of a song after playing this slot – there’s mind bending inspiration everywhere.

A pond full of free spins

Admit the first thing you do when you open a birthday card is check to see if there is a cash gift in there and set the card aside to read months later? Well, the Bonus Envelope in Pucker Up Prince slot won’t disappoint. It comes sealed with a kiss, and reveals up to 48 free spins – so this one you’ll wanna receive.


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The free spins round is triggered when the Bonus Envelope lands on the centre position of the first reel, with one or more Wilds also on the screen. Each Wild that you’ve landed will award 12 free games, so try reel in as many as you can in that lucky spin.

Multipliers are also gifted with every Wild that you have on the reels and these range from 2x to 5x. If you’re feeling lucky in amphibian love you could also get a chance to retrigger the free spins feature during the bonus round.

With all these free spins, you’re bound to hop towards wonderful wins in this 96% RTP slot.


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Take the win, warts and all!

Plump up those lips… Filler, botox, saline, whatever, because Pucker Up Prince slot has a maximum win of €150,000 for the luckiest player. Hell, we’d french a frog for this amount of moolah, anyday.

Practice your pouts, this slot has a high volatility and will need skilled smoochers to crack it. We know you have what it takes, what were all those nights in the clubs for? They built you up to this moment.

Do yourself a favor, kiss the frogs, turn them into keepers, and start your happily ever after with Pucker Up Prince slot today.