Aussies VS Emus Slot is a Weird Culture Shock

If you’re not Australian, I wouldn’t blame you for asking, what is an emu? Put simply, it’s like an Ostrich but slightly smaller. They can grow as tall as six feet and can run for short periods at over 30 miles per hour. Apparently, there have been very few, if any, fatal run-ins with humans, but they’re still pretty terrifying-looking animals.

Help the Aussies evade the emus in Aussies VS Emus slot from Blue Guru.

On a hunt for emus

Aussies VS Emus slot works on cluster pays. This means that any five or more of the same symbol connected either vertically or horizontally will result in a win regardless of where it is on the reels. The slot also has cascading reels, which means that symbols involved in winning combinations will be removed, allowing new symbols to fall into the empty spots. This gives you a shot at completing multiple winning combinations on every spin.


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On every spin, the slot guarantees that either an Aussie Wild or a Golden Aussie Wild will appear on the reels. At their most basic, both wilds will substitute for all other symbols to complete winning combinations.

When an Emu symbol lands on the reels, it will plot a course for the Aussie Wild or Golden Aussie Wild. Along that path, Mystery Wheat will appear. If the emu runs over a Dynamite Mystery Box, the box will explode, revealing even more Mystery Wheat. Once the emu reaches the wild, all Mystery Wheat symbols will transform into the same paying symbol. On rare occasions, the Mystery Wheat can also reveal a round of the Instant Prize Coins feature. Once this occurs, all Mystery Wheat symbols will reveal an instant win amount that will be awarded.


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If, during a single spin, an emu runs over three or more Dynamite Mystery Boxes, a round of at least eight free spins will be triggered. You can also select to purchase a round of the slot’s free spins feature if you’re not interested in doing it the old-fashioned way. Each additional mystery box over three that is used to trigger the feature will add one more free spin to the total. During a round of free spins, every Dynamite Mystery Box activated will award an extra free spin.

Is Aussies VS Emus slot ready for the Outback?

Aussies VS Emus slot offers high volatility. This means that you’ll be chasing big wins without the guarantee of small, consistent wins. The slot’s 16,239x max multiplier means that you’ll be playing for up to $162,390 in winnings when you’re betting at the $10 a spin maximum. The slot has an RTP of 96.1%.

I love a quirky theme that’s well-executed, and, for the most part, Aussies VS Emus slot delivers on this niche. It’s filled with quirky and has some solid gameplay thanks to some interesting bonus features. It’s not all good, though. My main gripe is with the speed of play, especially when you trigger the Instant Prize Coins feature. The reveal takes forever, and the usual method of hitting the space bar to fast-forward through the slow reveal hasn’t been implemented into Aussies VS Emus. This slows the gameplay down considerably and is a borderline dealbreaker for me. I give this one a reluctant six out of ten.

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