Spin with a Spooky Seamstress in Seance: Mysterious Attic Slot

Where I’m from, we don’t have houses with attics or basements. If you’re part of the upper echelon, you might have a wine cellar below the house.

A friend of mine had a wine cellar in her family home, and lest I say, we NEVER went down there – thanks to horror movies. And neither did her parents (they weren’t big drinkers, so it was used as a storage facility instead).

It became a cobweb sanctuary that gave you chills. I’m looking at the new Seance: Mysterious Attic slot, and if this is what the attic in the game looks like, then imagine the basement. I’m blessed that I’ll never find out.

What happened to the Seamstress?

I’m a complex character. I jump to the slightest sounds at night, but yet I watch crime documentaries and horror movies religiously. I’ve just finished The Watcher on Netflix, and while it’s not as good as American Horror Story or Ratched, it was enjoyable.

There I go, calling a dodgy thriller “enjoyable.” Given my experience in this genre, I think Mancala Gaming did a phenomenal job with this slot. It’s dark and eerie, and the story is gripping enough to become a sinister novel.

Here’s the tea. A long time ago, a skilled seamstress worked endlessly to create garments for her adoring clientele. But she suddenly vanished without a trace. And, long story short, her ghost haunts the attic of her once-treasured home.


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A mysterious house with a mysterious story

Or is it her ghost? It could just be that she’s a bit cooked in the head like the folks in The Watcher… Alive, but sneaking around like the dead, terrorizing the neighbors who see her silhouette in the window at night.

Although witches perform seances, no? And nowhere is it suggested she’s a witch. Oh, the suspense.

Unfortunately, only the creators will know the true tale behind this clandestine case. Damn, I’m so curious. I like this story. I like this slot. And here’s why you will too.

It’s the graphics, the soundtrack, and the features. The maximum win of €51,700 is a bit grim, considering BitStarz has games paying out hundreds of thousands of Euros. But the medium volatility makes it better – and easier to win more frequently.

I love that there are two feature-filled Free Spins rounds, which work to get you winning combinations in every spin.


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Creaking doors and cracking Free Spins rounds

The seamstress’ equipment is used to turn the free spins rounds into smooth money-making tools – and we all want that.

One of the two free spins features in Seance: Mysterious Attic slot is the Golden Scissors Free Spins. In this feature, the Seamstress (who looks really creepy) will appear as an Expanded Wild on the middle reel.

She has the power to transform other random symbols into Wilds, too. You’ll get 12 free games to use to slice up wicked rewards here.

The other is the Stitchy Free Spins, which is equally as good, except here 12 free games are granted. All the Wilds that land on the reels will be sewn into place and remain there for the duration of the free spins bonus.

Best of all, is that you can purchase both of these features using the Buy Feature.


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Will you explore this eerie attic for wins?

Seance: Mysterious Attic slot is perfect for Halloween, or any occasion really – especially if you’re a chill-seeker like me.

And, before I forget, the main game also has a Respin feature to keep you going until you enter the dreadful and delightful free spins games.

It has a 95% RTP, and as previously mentioned, a story that will keep you coming back for more. So why not start uncovering mysteries and money today?