Clash With Prehistoric Beasts in Dino Odyssey and Be Victorious

If you thought dinosaurs were extinct, think again! Some of the baddest killing machines from a different time are on the prowl for the big bucks, thanks to Kalamba Games. Surely you have the same hunger so it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this is your chance to team up. After all, teamwork is dreamwork and there is a ton of cash to be won!

Collecting fresh dino eggs and glowing crystals is your ticket to the big bucks and for the bonus game you can even choose the level you wish to play at. Add to that free spins with stacked wilds and your winnings will be anything but prehistoric.

The Dino Odyssey slot is packing some serious bite so let’s get in there and show these overgrown lizards who’s boss!

Intimidating Beasts Are Roaming Free

Sitting on a jungle backdrop, Triceratops, Diplodocus and Mr teddy bear himself, the T-Rex, are all roaming free across the 5 reels and 50 paylines, making sure everyone does their job and sticks to the 95% RTP and medium volatility.


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Fully Stacked Free Spins

Believe it or not but there is a romantic side to these creatures and 3 of the sunset watching Diplodocus symbols will grant you access to 10 free spins. You’ll be faced with a new set of reels where you can collect amber symbols that will trigger fully stacked wilds.

It’s not often you see dinosaur eggs but if you land one of them in this game, additional spins are coming your way, which is perfect if you have sorted out the stacked wilds!

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The Green Crystal Bonus Game

Bonus games are always exciting and it takes a collection of green crystals to activate it. You’ll see a meter on your left that needs to be filled and as you reach the top, you can play the bonus rounds at the bronze level for fewer spins and lower prizes or continue your collection and get to the next level.

Every level has an increase in volatility so the risk vs reward changes. The question is – will you play it safe with the cuddly little dinos or are you ready to roll with the big boys?

Excitement in Every Single Spin

We hold our hands up and confirm that dinosaurs are far from extinct. This is a great game and the collection missions add excitement to every single spin.

Bonus games, free spins and everything else come together nicely in this game and unless Jurassic Park messed you up for all eternity, give this game a shot. You won’t regret it!