Battle Monster for Wins in New Hero Ninja Goemon Slot

In sixteenth-century Japan, Ishikawa Goemon was a legendary outlaw hero who liberated wealth from the country’s aristocracy to redistribute to the working class.

As one can expect, there are no retirement packages for outlaws. Goemon was eventually caught and, together with his son, was boiled alive, which is apparently a method of execution used in many parts of Europe and Asia during that time. How’s that for a fact of the day?

Avoid any baths that feel a little warmer than necessary as you take your shot at the riches of the aristocracy in Ninja Hero Goemon slot from Golden Hero.

Your hero’s journey starts here

As an outlaw hero that steals from the rich to give to the poor, Goemon’s similarities with Robin Hood are obvious. Robin of Loxley is a cultural icon in the West with depictions in books, video games, television, and movies. In Japan, Goemon holds similar pop-cultural significance. It is, as a result, no surprise that there are hundreds of representations of the famous Japanese outlaw.

When creating the Ninja Hero Goemon slot, Golden Hero appears to have forgone any pop culture take on the character and focused on historical representations. The result is a modern take of ancient Japanese artwork that gives the slot an incredibly unique aesthetic.


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Complementing the beautiful illustrations are subtle animations that give the slot life and atmosphere. This animation for the battle scenes does let the slot down slightly, but that is a very small gripe in what is an otherwise fantastic-looking slot.

The battle for wins begins!

If you’re looking for a slot with a number of base gameplay bonus features, you should probably skip Ninja Hero Goemon slot. It offers a wild that substitutes for all other symbols, except the scatter symbol, to complete winning combinations, and that’s it.


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To enjoy the slot’s other bonus features, you’ll need to grab three or more scatter symbols to trigger the Battle Feature. Once triggered, Goemon will pick up one of three legendary weapons, each with its own bonus feature.

  • Smoking pipe – awards a multiplier after you have defeated each enemy
  • Sword – awards a prize after you have defeated each enemy
  • Throwing star – awards either a multiplier or a prize after you have defeated a level 3 enemy

With a legendary weapon in hand, you will face monsters in battle with any symbols related to your weapon appearing on the reels determining how much damage you inflict with each free spin. If you manage to defeat your opponent within five free spins, you will receive an additional five free spins and face a more powerful opponent. However, if you don’t manage to vanquish the threat in five free spins, you’ll be killed and sent back to the base game.

Has Ninja Hero Goemon slot vanquished its enemies?

The battle for players’ attention has never been more brutal. Luckily, the hero outlaw has what it takes to win the day! Ninja Hero Goemon slot offers fantastic graphics, enthralling sound effects and music, and exciting bonus features. The only gripe we have with the game is that it could do with one or two more base game bonus features.

Things continue to look good for Goemon when we look at the loot! The slot offers a 96.47% RTP rating with medium volatility. As a result, you’ll have a great balance between the amount you win and how often you win as you chase the massive €219,000 jackpot.

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