Battle Sea Monsters for Wins in Cannon Cove Slot

The Kraken was a giant octopus-like creature that harassed sailors off the coast of Norway in the 1700s. Now, I know what you’re thinking, monsters aren’t real, and it was just old sea dogs telling stories to make themselves more interesting. Consider this, though. Over 80% of our oceans remain unexplored. Just imagine what’s lurking below at depths humans don’t dare venture. Cue conspiracy theory music.

Protect yourself from the Kraken in Cannon Cove slot from High 5 and stand a chance to pull a €168,234 max win from the depths.

Are you ready for a crash course?

This isn’t any ordinary slot game. High 5 has bent the rules of slots to create one of the most unique-looking titles that have been released this year. There’s always a catch when you’re doing something for the first time, though. In this case, it’s that the gameplay rules may take a little getting used to as they are quite involved. Lucky, High 5 seems to have picked up on this, and, as a result, they have added a number of tooltips that will help you learn the intricacies of the game with little effort.


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Let’s start with the basics. During base gameplay, a random splattering of debris and ships will appear on the reels with each spin. Additionally, just below the reels, a random number and type of cannons will be wheeled out on tracks. Once the cannon or cannons are in position, they’ll fire, and anything they hit will either award a prize amount which is determined by what kind of target the cannon hits, or points towards one of the two upgrades.

Now, let’s take a look at those upgrades. On either side of the reels, you’ll see two upgrade meters that are filled with debris collected from cannon blasts. The left meter will upgrade your winning potential with a particular cannon once full. The right will place a temporary cannon upgrade on the rails for you to collect.

Time to go after the Kraken!

That’s the basics. Now we get to free spins. A sea monster tentacle will appear on the back reel from time to time, moving one position to the right with each spin. If you manage to hit the tentacle with a cannonball, you’ll unlock a round of ten free spins.


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Once unlocked, the upgrade meters will disappear, and a giant sea monster that fills the entire top row will appear. The game will then continue with one major difference; you’ll be aiming to blast through the ships and debris to hit the sea monster. Every time you do, you’ll get a cash prize, and an extra free spin will be added to your total.

Then we get the free spins bonus round. When you begin free spins, one of the sea monsters’ tentacles will be highlighted. If you manage to hit it, you’ll pass that bonus round, with the next round requiring you to hit two highlighted tentacles and then three, four, and five. With each round you complete, you’ll receive a multiplier bonus.

  • Round 1 – 10x your bet
  • Round 2 – 20x your bet
  • Round 3 – 50x your bet
  • Round 4 – 2500x your bet
  • Round 5 – 2,500x your bet
  • Round 6 – 25,000x your bet

Once you have completed all of your free spins, you’ll sail back to calmer waters to continue base gameplay. And I think that’s everything. As I said, it is a complicated one.

Are Cannon Cove slot waters just too difficult to sail?

Cannon Cove slot is complex. It’s not like any slot you’ve ever seen before, and it does take some getting used to. However, once you do, you’ll quickly appreciate how entertaining it is to play. The graphics aren’t out of this world, but they are more than adequate for the job at hand.
Plus, with an impressive 97.2% RTP rating, medium volatility, and a mouth-watering 28,039x max multiplier, the slot really does have it all. This may just be my favorite slot of the year thus far.

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