Sail the seven seas for endless treasure in A Pirate’s Quest slot

Arrr ya ready for some fun? Welcome to A Pirate’s Quest slot! We are very excited to have you join us for this unforgettable journey across the seven seas. To the very ends of the earth in search of the greatest treasures known to man! This adventurous slot from Spinomenal games has certainly caught our attention.

The most feared pirate of them all was the ruthless Blackbeard. He used to tie pieces of hemp to his beard and light them on fire before battle. That gives you an idea of what these guys are all about. Intimidation was their tactic for battle, and they did it very well. Ships sailing the famous Jolly Roger flag (skull and bones) would strike fear into the hearts of unsuspecting sailors. Don’t worry, these pirates resemble the friendlier Jack Sparrow, not Blackbeard. Anyway, less chatting and more winning – let’s go!

Pirates, Parrots, and Payouts

We have 5 reels and 45 pay lines giving us all the opportunities we need to make it big. There’s a very funny-looking parrot standing next to the reels smoking a pipe. He also plays the Wild symbol and will substitute for all others except the Free Spins and Bonus symbols. Yes, there are two feature symbols in this slot and they arrr amazing.

There’s also a handy multiplier feature that could trigger at random during a spin. A bomb will appear and multiply your line wins by 2x, 3x, or 4x!


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You also have the Buy Feature available where you would be able to purchase the free spins round with either a multiplier round or shifting reels. If you feel the base game isn’t performing, try this feature as the high volatility in this slot could see you bagging bigger booty when the reels get cold. All bet controls and info menu are located at the bottom of the reels between the parrot and the Buy Feature option.

A treasure hunt for big rewards

Look out for the treasure chest. Three or more of these symbols will unlock a very exciting bonus game. Here you will have to try to match three coins of the same color to win the contents of the treasure chest. Four treasure chests are displayed with a total win, match the colors to the color of the chest and get your ching-ching baby! With a 95.0% RTP, you can be sure these chests are filled with treasure.


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Now for the most exciting feature in this slot. Get ready for an adventurous free spin feature! Now you’ll be traveling to various locations on a treasure map in search of the ultimate treasure hoard. 3 Or more Free Spin symbols will unlock this feature. There are four different locations on the map. Every time you trigger this feature you will unlock a new stage on the map.

Once you’ve played all four stages, you will then have the liberty of choosing whichever stage you like best should you trigger the free spins again. What an epic feature! After every win in the free spins, a respin will occur where all the reels will move one row down with a new row appearing for even more wins.

There’s more, if a Wild symbol lands on the reels, it will stick to its position. Every spin these Wild symbols will move one reel to the right until they disappear from the reels.

All aboard mateys, we’ve got some plunderin’ ta do!

As you can see, this action-packed slot has all the tools you’ll need to strike it big. You’ll certainly enjoy the adventurous feel this slot provides. Embark on a journey with your pirate crew and sail the seven seas in search of treasure. You even get the treasure map to guide you to riches in the free spins feature. Unlock the chest to find the incredible rewards inside for the bonus round.

What’s a pirate without a parrot? Your winged friend and his smoking pipe will have you entertained with his antics as you plunder and pillage your way to mega riches. Buy your features to get straight to the action. Come on Matey, climb aboard and let’s hoist the Jolly Roger. Full speed ahead. Treasures awaiting in A Pirate’s Quest slot!