Big Bite Slot: Ditch The Shark-Theme And Play With Orcas Instead!

Free Willy made us believe that orcas are gentle ocean giants who just want to be loved – and free from captivity. Man, nothing would make me happier than SeaWorld fucking right off the earth.

Anyway, the name ‘Killer Whale’ doesn’t come from nowhere… Have you seen these guys play with their food? It’s like watching seal-volleyball. Savage.

Big Bite slot did the smart thing, dissed the shark-theme, and went with angry orcas instead. I’d also be angry if I lived in Antarctica and had pipe-smoking polar bears fishing on my turf. Know your place, iceberg rider.

But who will be the ultimate hero, the one who’ll hunt down up to $300,000 for you?

Not the Below Deck crew

The crew on the Big Bite fishing boat, naturally, is made up of extreme winter animals. Why? Probably because no human could survive -72 degree weather, hence why Antarctica is so desolate and depressing.

Come to think of it, there’s a gap in the market for a tanning salon. My clients? A horny scientist looking to woo a co-researcher. Damn, I’m an entrepreneur now!

You have the Captain Polar Bear, First Mate Walrus, Deckhand Penguin, as well as Frozen Compasses, Message in a Bottle, and Smelly Boots on the Push Gaming reels.

If this doesn’t set the scene, then the floating icebergs, Fishing Boat Wild, and morbid music should do it.


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Feel like some fish?

One of the main features in this 96.33% RTP slot is the Fish Symbols. When I played this, I saw I’d secured loads of Fish Symbols with coin values on the reels, and also had that anticipation-filled slow-spin happen on the reels that followed it…

I was waiting for more to drop, to enter a Coin Collect bonus or something, but after reading the Game Rules, I realized I was waiting for an Orca symbol to land with the Fish symbols.

Makes sense, because no matter how many Fish symbols I had on the screen, I’d win diddly-squat.

But man, oh man, when the Orca Symbol hits with them, multiplier madness ensues!


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Killer whales, killer wins

The Free Spins Bonus is where you’ll likely be netting your catch of the day, because it is power!

Not only do Orca and Fish symbols pop by in droves, but the Orca Multiplier will progress every time it lands on the reels. Keep an eye on the Progression Meter – you can receive multipliers of up to 10x!

This means that whenever the Fish symbols land with the Orca, their values will be collected and multiplied by the value shown on the Orca for instant wins!

But that’s not all… There are jackpots to win too; Mini, Minor, Major, Mega, and Grand. Reel in the Grand and you’re in for 10,000x your bet!

Jackpot symbols could land during both the base and bonus games, but remember, you’ll need the Orca with them to make magic happen!


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Guess I’m going to Antarctica!

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Big Bite slot! Guess the morbid music and melancholic setting speaks to me.

The game is packed with features, big win potential, Buy Bonus options, an Ante Bet, and loads of Jackpots to win – but if you need more convincing to try it out, then how does a low to medium volatility sound? Perfect for newbies and seasoned spinners!

Try Big Bite slot out, it might surprise you as much as it did me!