Book of Demi Gods III slot – go berserk and win!

Second place sucks. We all remember the name of the first dude to walk on the moon, or who clocked the fastest time for the 100-meter sprint, but history has the memory of a goldfish when it comes to runners-up. So how much worse must it be when you’re a demigod?

Just imagine waking up one day and you’ve got the strength of 10 men and can shoot lightning bolts from your eyes, but all you ever hear is: “Oh, Odin is so strong!” or “Thor flies faster than a falcon.” Like hello?! Lightning bolts from my eyes, people!

Yeah, being a demi god isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. “Luckily” we’ll never have such problems. The only thing we need to worry about now is having fun and making money on Book of Demi Gods III slot!


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Journey through the realms of the Norsemen

Book of Demi Gods III is a 5-reel, 50-payline slot game from Spinomenal. Cast against a backdrop of Yggdrasil – the Norse Tree of Life – it’s a beautifully-rendered game with stunningly detailed visuals and a haunting soundtrack.

On the reels you’ll see the various demigods (shame) in the guise of medium symbols, as well as low symbols , which are your letters and numbers. The layout for the controls is in typical Spinomenal style, which makes it easy to find and toggle your settings.

The Wild is also the Scatter and takes the form of a book with a seal on the cover and some weird glowing blue lights. Three or more Scatter Wilds anywhere will pay big and boost your bottom line – it will also trigger 10 Free Spins!


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Bring on the bonus game

Three or more Bonus symbols set off the Bonus game. Here, you’ll see a map of the 9 realms of the Norsemen:

  • Niflheim – Realm of Ice / Respin
  • Muspelheim – Realm of Fire / Stacked Wild Respin
  • Helheim – Realm of the Dead / Guaranteed Win Respin
  • Nidavellir – Realm of Darkness / Extra Wild
  • Alfheim – Realm of the Light Elves / Sticky Wild
  • Vanaheim – Realm of the Vanir (these are gods of wisdom, fertility and health) / Shifting Reels
  • Jotunheim – Realm of the giants and trolls / Expanding Wilds
  • Midgard – Realm of Men / Synched Reels
  • Asgard – Realm of the Gods / Prize Box

Each time you set off the Free Spins, you’ll move to the next realm. This element alone serves to elevate Book of Demi Gods III as it feels like you’re on a journey of discovery, rather than just mindlessly pushing a button.


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The Buy feature is there for the impatient among us; if you’re willing to cough up, you don’t have to wait around for the Free Spins to come in. Simply purchase as many as you’re comfortable with, or as many as you can afford, and you could get up to 12 Free Spins.

Axe swinging action

During Free Spins, any Expanding Wilds will do their thing and form new paylines in addition to the existing ones. The Wild will expand only if doing so results in a win.

When a Free Spin is triggered, you’ll see a thin column in the center of your screen. All of the symbols – save the Scatter Wild – are there. After spinning, the symbol which gets selected will be the Expanding symbol for the Free Spin round. Free Spins can be retriggered and even gift you with an additional 10 Free Spins.


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See you in Valhalla!

Book of Demi Gods III is epic. The combination of incredible attention to detail, cool features, an RTP of 95.9%, high volatility and a max win of €100,000 leaves us with one simple verdict – play it! You won’t be disappointed. And if Viking games are where you’re at, check out our blog for more of the same.