Go Diving for Wins in ReefPop Slot

Welcome to the dark and dangerous depths of the ocean, where the fish play rough and anything goes! There are many ocean/fish-themed slots, but what happens when it’s inspired by a cult classic movie? Yes, we’re talking about a fish-themed slot with a Fight Club twist. So, before you forget it, remember that the first rule of ReefPop slot from Avatar UX is that you don’t talk about ReefPop slot – reviews are fine, though.

So strap on your scuba gear, grab your spear gun, and get ready to take on the fiercest fish around in!

The ocean awaits…

As is the case with the bulk of Avatar UX slots, ReefPop slot has the provider’s PopWins expanding reels. With each winning combination, each symbol involved in a winning combination will pop and be replaced by two new symbols expanding the reels. This gives you another shot at winning. In the base game, the reels can expand to six symbols high, while during free spins, they’ll keep expanding up to a maximum reel height of eight symbols. In the base game, the heights of reels will be reset following each win.


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If you manage to increase all six reels to six symbols high in the base game, you’ll trigger a round of free spins. Once you’ve triggered a round of free spins, you’ll get a chance to spin the Gamble Wheel for a chance to increase the base reel height at the beginning of your round of free spins from four to five symbols. If you win, you can choose to gamble again to increase the reel height from five to six symbols. However, if you lose one, you won’t receive any free spins.

During a round of free spins, the PopWins feature will work a little differently. Instead of the reels resetting after each spin, the reels will return to the height of the shortest reel. All winnings during free spins will also have a global multiplier applied to them. The multiplier is increased by 1x with each spin. There are also golden shark symbols that have their own multiplier values that are multiplied by the number of golden sharks across all reels.


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If you’re not keen on getting your feet wet, you can also select to purchase a round of the slot’s free spins feature.

Is ReefPop slot the shark’s pajamas?

ReefPop slot has a fun premise. I was all in for a fish-themed slot with a Fight Club twist. All I got, though, were some scary-looking sharks and not a bunch more. Don’t get me wrong, the graphics are great, and the bonus features have enough in them to make the gameplay interesting. I just need a little more blood and violence to make the theme worth it. This one was all shark and no bite.

The high volatility doesn’t help matters, ensuring longer stretches than you’d like between wins. This is partially helped by the great buy bonus feature that gives a number of options to choose from. Plus, that 10,000x max multiplier means that even if you’re betting at the €0.20 minimum, you can still go after some nice wins. The slot has a 96% RTP.

If you’re looking for a few other fun slots from Avatar UX, I suggest giving the post-apocalyptic Zombie aPOPalypse and the mystical CritterPop a try.