Dogecoin Creator Creates Script that Blocks XRP Fans

There are plenty within the crypto community that have nothing but hatred for Ripple, largely due to the fact that they believe it’s not a true cryptocurrency. In true keyboard warrior style, these people often lash out at Ripple fans every time they see a Tweet about the payment network.


Elon Musk and Dogecoin Founder Want to Battle Crypto Bots

The crypto sphere never ceases to amaze, as an odd “connection” – if we can put it that way – seems to never be too far away. This time around, through a simple Twitter request, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and Dogecoin creator Jackson Palmer have crossed paths. In a tweet sent yesterday, Musk has asked Palmer to help him battle against “annoying” crypto scammers that seem to dirtying the cryptocurrency name on Twitter.


Will Dogecoin Break Into the Coin Market Cap Top 10?

It might have started as a bit of a joke, but Dogecoin now represents something much bigger. The cutesy looking coin has been on a meteoric rise as of late, to the point where it almost appears as if the token is unstoppable. Last week, when the market experienced a hard drop, Dogecoin stood firm, more or less holding its value. As last week ended, we saw Dogecoin surge by more than 6%, hitting $0.005.

The day of the DOGE – How Dogecoin became the crypto to watch

The Day Of The DOGE – How Dogecoin Became The Crypto To Watch

There is no denying that Bitcoin is the king of cryptos. Commanding headlines and shaking the world of banking to its core, what Bitcoin will mean for the future of financial services can’t be understated. However, it isn’t just Bitcoin that’s giving the cryptocurrency market life. The world’s leading digital currency – through its record-breaking numbers – has paved the way for a number of other cryptos to gain traction.

BitStarz Now Accepts ETH and DOGE!

BitStarz Now Accepts ETH and DOGE!

Arriving hot on the heels of being crowned the Best Online Casino at the AskGamblers Awards 2018, BitStarz has some pretty big news to announce. Bitcoin might be the world’s leading cryptocurrency, but it’s certainly not the only cryptocurrency out there that’s for sure.