Litecoin is the Official Cryptocurrency Partner of UFC 232

The Litecoin Foundation has decided to enter the famed octagon as the official cryptocurrency partner of UFC 232. The partnership will see Litecoin advertised to millions of MMA fans across the globe in the hope of generating increased interest in the leading cryptocurrency.


Cryptocurrency Top 10 – What a Difference a Year Makes

Bitcoin’s slight dip of about $500 to $5151 on 18th October 2017 may have seemed incidental at the time, but in hindsight it acted as the starting pistol for the epic 2017 bull run. The price of Bitcoin rocketed to almost $20k during the close of last year and, for the time being at least, has never returned to that low.


The First Global Litecoin Summit is Just Days Away

Litecoin has been a hot topic in the cryptosphere for some time – even being labeled a bargain crypto by eToro – but it has missed the air of authority that comes with an official summit. Now, after a lengthy wait, the first


Charlie Lee Believes Bear Trend Provides Chance to Refocus

If you listen to eToro, you would have heard the exchange say in a recent report that Litecoin represents something of a bargain at its current price. The market might be in the midst of a slump, but that doesn’t mean that investors are taking their money off the table. As always, Litecoin creator Charlie Lee is also backing the thought that this current market drop is by no means the doomsday that some would have you believe.


Litecoin Available at a “Massive Discount” According to eToro

The cryptocurrency market might be hitting a near nine-month low, but that doesn’t mean that investors should be in a hurry to jump ship. This is at least the case according to eToro, with both CEO Yoni Assia and Senior Market Analyst Mati Greenspan making positive public statements. Greenspan reaffirmed his positive view on the recent market correction with a Twitter post.


Back to Basics – The Litecoin Mining Process

Last week we dug into the history of Litecoin and explained the cryptocurrency’s rather interesting heritage. There are many unique elements that make Litecoin the successful cryptocurrency it is today. Today we are going to take a look at one of those – the mining process. Mining is at the core of every decentralized cryptocurrency and many believe that if a coin isn’t mineable, then it’s simply not up to par.


Back to Basics – The History of Litecoin

Last week we brought you an introduction to Litecoin, but to fully understand the potential of this early cryptocurrency, we need to take a look at its history. Labeled “Digital Silver”, it is built using a very similar framework to Bitcoin – in fact it was actually a fork of Bitcoin at the very start. With a handful of tweaks, changes, and new protocols, Litecoin is proving itself to be a worthy advisory to Bitcoin in 2018.


Back to Basics – An Introduction to Litecoin

We love everything crypto and we know our followers do too. However, we know that not everyone is an expert, so we are slowing things down with our weekly guides to Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other leading cryptocurrencies. On Tuesday we brought you an introduction to Bitcoin – the father of all cryptocurrencies. Today we are delving into the curious world of Litecoin.


Want to Earn Cheap (or Possibly Free) Litecoin? Here’s how!

Who doesn’t love a freebie? We certainly do, so we’re sure that you feel the exact same way. Free cryptocurrency isn’t easy to come by, but it’s by no means an impossible find. It’s certainly possible that you can grab cheap cryptocurrency, but you’re going to need to be smart, savvy, and have a keen eye for a bargain.

Litecoin is the sixth largest blockchain project in the world by market capitalization.


Do Banks Really Want To Crush The Cryptocurrency Market?

The image that is presented to the world is that banks want to cripple the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin is often the supposed target, along with altcoins such as Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. Countless high-profile bankers have moved quickly to attack, mock, and dismiss the entire idea behind a cryptocurrency market and its associated valuations.