Get Ready for a Brutal Battle in the Epic The Great Conflict Slot

For all of you that are big fans of the WoW (World of Warcraft) series, the latest release from Evoplay Entertainment will be right up your alley. It’s no secret that humans and orcs don’t get along and in The Great Conflict slot you will be joining the battle and it is a wild one.

This frightening roar of the mighty orc will send chills down your spins as you figure out a strategy on how to stay safe. Make sure you take full advantage of the multiple wilds and 3 different free spins as you battle it out for the big bucks, including the juicy max win of €24,960!

The spectacular graphics and sound effects grasp your attention right out of the gate and when you can feel the tension between the two heroes on screen, you will either get ready to fight or run away with the tail between your legs. Which one are you?

The Symbols Are Even-Steven

Good, you’re still here. The battle takes place on 5 reels and 20 paylines where humans and orcs both have 7 representatives each on the reels. It’s a slugfest and the quicker you figure out the right touch, the sooner the wins will come.


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Say Hello to 4 Different Wilds

Normally we would be happy with a regular wild but when they come in groups of 4, who are we to say no? We say the more the merrier so let’s take a look at what they are and what they can do for you.

Human Wild – Will only appear on the second reel in the base game but never in Orc Attack or Battle Free Spins.

Orc Wild – Appears only on reel number 4 in the base game but not during Human Attack or Battle Free Spins.

Portal Wild – Only uses the 3rd reel and when it lands simultaneously with another wild, the free spins mode will be triggered.

Battle Wild – Shows up during Battle Free Spins only.

Show Your Skills in 3 Different Free Spin Mode

It’s not everyday you come in contact with 3 types of free spins, then again how often do you end up in the middle of humans vs. orcs war? They all have their special triggering mechanics and bonuses so let’s try and figure them out.

Human Free Spins – In order for these to be triggered you need to land a Human Wild and a Portal Wild at the same time. This will get your 5 Human Attack Free Spins. Each spin can summon up to 5 Human Wilds.

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Orc Free Spins – The Orc and Portal Wild combo will activate 5 of these. Up to 3 Orc Wilds may appear.

Battle Free Spins – This one is trickier as you need the dynamic trio of Human, Orc and Portal Wilds to land on the same spin. Pick what side you will be fighting on and defeat your opponent. If your side wins, you will double your total win.

More Than One War

The Great Conflict isn’t the only war that is going on at the moment. Slot Wars is in full action week in and week out and for the brave who secure a top 40 position by the end of each week will get a nice piece of the €5,000!