Clean House and Cash In with Trey Poker


Want to bag plenty of cash this Christmas from our casino? Trey Poker should be the game you play. You can choose to play a single bet, or you can play an ante bet too, giving you an extra chance to take the casino to the cleaners. Trey Poker is a simple and fast-paced game that gives you four ways to win big – that alone makes this game a must play.

Ante Bets Change the Game

When you load up the game, you’re given the chance to place a pair up bet and an ante bet. If you place the pair up wager alone you are betting that you will have a pair or better in order to beat the dealer. High card is an automatic loss, as you’re looking to make a pair or better, so make sure you remember that rule when placing a pair up.

When you place an ante bet you can still win with a high card. All you need to do is make sure your high card is higher than the dealers. With an Ante bet, the dealer’s cards are placed face down and you’re given the option to fold or play. Choose wisely to conserve your bankroll or win big, in Trey Poker proper timing and execution is what’s going to lead you to success.

Influence the Outcome

Trey Poker is a provably fair game, this means you can get involved and change the outcome of every hand by adjusting some settings. If you click on the prize ribbon icon in the top right-hand corner of the game window, you can access the provable fair settings. From here you can pick where the deck is cut and verify that the result of your last game as correct. This directly allows you to influence the result of the next hand and verify that you’re playing an honest and fair game of cards.

A Fresh Take on Poker

While Trey Poker is a variant of poker, none of the systems you can use in traditional Texas Hold’em Poker will work here. This is because you are playing against the house on your own, and you only draw three cards. If you’re looking for a more pokerish card game, you might enjoy Wild Texas. However, even in Wild Texas the best poker tips won’t always serve you well, so you’re better saving those for a land-based casino.

Trey Poker gives you a quick, simple, and efficient way to make fast cash. As long as you have a good high card or a pair, you’re pretty much set to win. With only three cards each, it’s quite easy to beat the house and walk away a winner.

Don’t forget, every time you play a hand of Trey Poker you will earn points towards our Table Wars promotion to win a slice of €1,000 every week!

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