Clear the Streets of Danger and Get Paid in the 100 Zombies Slot

The dangerous radioactive clouds are holding the city and its people hostage as they sit right above the skyline. Another zombie apocalypse is about to break out and disrupt life as they know it and the people are in desperate need of help.

Enter the 100 Zombies slot and face the living dead, as they do not rest. Free spins and the Risk Game will boost your energy as you hunt down the enemy and monster wins.

Is this the beginning of the end or will you be the hero the people are looking for?

A Blessing in Disguise

Just in time for Halloween, 100 Zombies managed to escape from the studios at Endorphina and wander out onto the streets. The streets in this case means 5 reels and 100 paylines and if you are a fan of neon colors, you will be pleased to see they are on full display.


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Considering the difficult task at hand, being a medium volatility game is a blessing in disguise. We mentioned the 1,100x multiplier, which in combination with a pretty good 96% RTP and a max win of €88,000, creates an opportunity for a nice paycheck as you clear the streets of the monsters.

Set off the Alarm With Free Spins

The radioactive waste in this city is horrific and with each win you will notice a splash of green liquid coming from behind the reels. It won’t be long until the zombies have completely taken over and turned into a complete nightmare.

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One way of improving the conditions, at least for yourself, is to make sure 3 of the biohazard symbols appear on screen. This will set off the alarm, giving everyone a heads up for what’s to come.

You will enter the bonus round with 10 spins and the wilds will be stacked, showing you support in their own way. Hearing an alarm is never a good thing but if it blasts off during your free spins, it means you have another 3 scatters on board, giving you a repeat of your 10 spins.

It’s a Risky Business

In most games from Endorphina you will find a Gamble feature, so it comes as no surprise there is one here as well. It’s a classic card game of who can pull the highest card and an easy way of doubling your winnings. Easy peasy!

Remember, you can get your wins and get out after each round so no need to get greedy.

Suit up and Get Ready

Life around Halloween can be creepy, no doubt. Zombies roaming the streets is one of the worst situations but by slicing and dicing your way across the reels, you should be able to come out of this with a nice pile of cash.

Suit up and get ready for a battle. Be safe out there and watch your back!