Make first contact for intergalactic riches in Arrival slot!

Earth needs a hero, and we’re looking to you! These creepy-looking aliens have entered our orbit and are waiting beyond reach to plan their attack in Arrival slot. Big eyes, big brains, and it seems they have big plans too. You need to head up there right-away and put a stop to this Martian madness.

Report to Arrival slot immediately for your briefing on this very important mission. We know Earth is going to have major rewards waiting if you succeed. And the Martians have stockpiles of Space Cash on their ship – it’s time to grab it!

Welcome to the alien ship

These aliens have a very impressive spaceship. The interface in this slot has a lot going on at first glance. The screen is very busy, but this is due to all the advanced technology inside the spaceship. We see five reels positioned behind the Martian’s control panel covered in buttons and switches. One of the aliens is sitting behind the controls and it seems he’s been up to no good!


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Our symbols are made up of a few space travel and alien-related images. Let’s not go into too much detail with the specific images, but we do know they pay well.

The highest paying regular symbol will see you getting an astonishing 2000x your line bet should five of them fall on a pay line. This is the Space Marine symbol, he’s probably a soldier from the Space Marine Corps, as we can also see his official identity badge as another symbol in the slot.

We have three special symbols in this slot and each of them will unlock very exciting and interactive bonus games. This is something we really enjoyed from this slot as the features keep you very engaged.

The low volatility should see these bonus features coming up frequently. Don’t expect massive wins every time but the payouts should come around frequently. Count on the 92.26% RTP to keep the credits rolling in as you fight off these crazy Martians.

Kick some Martian butt with these exciting features

Look out for the ray gun symbol. Three of these will unlock the Click Me feature. Here you will be provided with a few options of UFOs to click on and reveal instant prizes. It’s always very entertaining when we come across bonus games like this one.

Make your own luck here, and get those ray guns on the reels to unlock this feature as some of the credit bonuses will crank-up your credit meter.

Next up we’ll be getting up close and personal with one of these alien masterminds. They have massive brains so we assume they must be quite smart. So you better keep our wits about you!

When three or more of the brain alien symbols are scattered on the reels, you will unlock the UFO Abduction Wild Reel feature. You will be awarded a few free spins, and one reel will be totally covered in Wild symbols!


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Now we get to the most exciting feature in this slot. Here’s where you can really stick it to these Martians! These sinister aliens have captured the female Marine and they’ve been performing experiments on her.

When three or more of the female Marine symbols appear on the reels, the bonus round unlocks. Help the Marine hero save her in a battle of skill with the Martian villain!

Accept the mission and get paid today!

We thoroughly enjoyed this slot and we’re certain you will too. All these interactive features will keep you entertained as you bag frequent wins while kicking Martian butt. The symbols have high payouts to keep the credit meter rising. Earth needs your help, get moving now before the Martians take over!