Clown Around for Killer Cash This World Circus Day!

Ladies and gents, this is the (mortifying) moment you’ve waited for. It’s World Circus Day, and killer clowns have come out to play! Sure, I could have gone the Greatest Showman way, but a sinister Saturday is the route I chose for the day.

Forget dancing bears and amazing acrobatics, you’ll be embarking on a chilling and thrilling ride for riches, and not on the back of a bedazzled elephant. You’ll be spinning in the shadows of the likes of Twisty and Pennywise – because these eerie circus slots are equally as dreadful.

Your worst nightmares are on display… So, let’s play!

Face your fears in the twisted Wicked Circus

Clowns aren’t the only thing you need to be afraid of, dodgy Jack-In-The-Box jokers are poking around too. Enter the Wicked Circus slot. A dreaded joker runs this show with a hellish laugh. How fun!

Take this strange spectacle for a spin because there’s €30,000 to win. Keeping you sane in this insane game are the features – Jokerizer Modes, Mystery Wins, and Hold Spins.

Yggdrasil certainly didn’t spare this one for the sensitive. It’s wicked, spine-chilling, and made for those with dark desires… Is that you?


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It’s a fair of fright in The Creepy Carnival

Oh hell, the Creepy Carnival slot… Here I was, all bold and brazen with my horror-circus theme, but this one is a total traumatizer that I remember VERY well. Yup it’s a freak show where the fortune teller has a damn serpent’s tongue!

Brace yourself for the €31,920 win, because you’ll be going through the most to get there. And this is just in terms of emotional wellness. The Free Spins, Multipliers, and Star Spins will help ease those nerves.

Trust Nolimit City to throw out a terrifier like this. Thanks guys, thanks.


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Take your seat at the Haunted Circus horror show

Come one, come all, the Haunted Circus slot awaits and so does a massive win of €2,500,000! Getting your hands on this mega amount of money will take some big kahunas because this game is goosebump central! It’s real freaky stuff.

I don’t expect anything less from Hacksaw. They are here to haunt. Speaking of haunting, there are Free Spins, Wild Multipliers, and a HUGE Bonus Round to face for a fortune.

This show’s audience is made up of rows of gravestones. Show them what it’s like to live and take home millions in loot!


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Step right up, the circus is in town at BitStarz!

If you’ve made it this far, you’re a hell of a horror fan and someone who should call their psychiatrist for a checkup!

If you want more gore, we’ve got it. If you dare to dabble with the doomsday circuses, you can try your hand at the Circus of Horror slot and the Twisted Circus slot.

If you’ve chosen this angle is too chilling, then simply enter the word ‘Circus’ in the search bar and select one that is whimsical and magical instead.

Happy World Circus Day!