Travel Back to Winning Ways in New Time Machine Slot

If you were a science-fiction nerd growing up, you’ve probably heard about H. G. Wells’ Time Machine. The book was published in 1895 and popularized the concept of time travel. In 1960, it was adapted into a critically acclaimed film which was followed up by a universally hated reboot in 2002. It’s now 2022 and time to explore a timeline of wins in a slot adaptation of the science fiction classic.

So, grab your nearest DeLorean, hot tub, toaster, phone booth, or inverted Mobius strip, and let’s travel back to winning ways in Time Machine slot from Yggdrasil Gaming.


Yggdrasil Gaming knows what they’re doing when it comes to designing a slot. They have a team of extremely talented designers, and it’s no surprise that the slot looks great, leaning heavily on a steampunk aesthetic. A time machine symbol acts as one of four high-paying symbols and bears a striking resemblance to the one created for the 2002 film, a nod to the few diehard fans out there.


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The brilliance of Yggdrasil is, however, in their attention to detail. With every spin of the reels, a small pressure valve on the right of the reels will jump. And when the reels expand, light will flood in from the holes in the roof of the abandoned warehouse where the action is set. All these details together ensure an immersive and entertaining experience as you spin.

Welcome to your time machine

When the time machine is in operation, please keep your hands and feet in the vehicle at all times to avoid irreparable injury or disfigurement. With that short safety briefing over, we welcome you aboard Time Machine slot. Now, here are some basics for the smooth operation of the time machine.

During base gameplay, every win will expand the reels by one row and trigger a respin. If the respin does not reveal another win, the reels will return to their original height. However, if it’s a winning combination, the slot will expand again. It will continue to grow with each win up to a maximum of 5×7 at which point the slot will offer a staggering 16,807 ways to win.


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If you manage to power up your time machine to the maximum 5×7 configuration, you’ll receive seven free spins. All seven free spins will be awarded on the full 5×7 slot giving you seven chances to bag the €132,980 jackpot.

Is Time Machine slot a blockbuster or a bust?

When you take on a franchise that has a very loyal fanbase, they’re unlikely to take it easy on you if you get it wrong. Luckily, Yggdrasil hasn’t. Sure, the slot doesn’t really tell the story that was conceived over 100 years ago, but it doesn’t have to. It’s only a slot after all. The theme, fantastic graphics, and exciting bonus features are enough to ensure Time Machine slot is a winning experience.

When it comes to time travel, you have to make sure you get the numbers right. And Time Machine slot comes close. With a 95.7% RTP rating and high volatility, you may have to wait longer than you’d like between wins. However, you’ll want to stick it out for a shot at the €132,980 jackpot.

If you’re not finished screwing with the timeline, we recommend giving Time Travel Tigers or Wheel of Time a try.