Crack the vault to grab the riches in Take the Bank slot!

The biggest heist in history is about to take place. Do you want in on the action? We have a contact in the burglary business and he’s looking for a new partner to assist him in carrying out his latest plans in Take the Bank slot for an epic robbery. He says it’s going to be easy, and by the looks of this slot we believe him!

Don’t worry, we won’t tell the cops your in on the plan, so your secret is safe with us. Let’s have a look at this thrilling slot from Betsoft Games to see how easily we can get our hands on stacks of cash and not get caught!

Fire in the hole!

This bank robber clearly has a knack for explosive devices. His plan seems to be to blow everything to pieces and gather the loot from the rubble. Our symbols in this slot are made up of gold bars, cash piles, diamonds, vault doors, crowbars, and bombs. We also see the Royal card values from 9 through to A as lower-paying symbols.


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Take the Bank slot is a progression stage style slot. You will notice a counter on the right side of the reels which counts down every ten spins. When the counter reaches zero after the tenth spin, all the bomb symbols on the reels will explode creating Wilds in their positions. This explosive feature comes in handy on every tenth spin, as it will see you snatch big wins if you manage to cover the reels in as many bombs as possible.

You can achieve this when the robber symbol lands on the reels during the ten spin cycle. This sneaky robber will transform into a bomb which will stick to the reels until the final spin in the cycle, and will then create a massive explosion of winnings. When all the loot has been collected, the counter will restart at 10 and the action continues.

The cops are coming! Grab the loot!

Our Bonus symbol in the slot is represented by the fuzz. Yes, the cops are coming and you better snatch the loot before they find you. Get three police car symbols scattered on the reels and you’ve just unlocked your Free Spin Bonus. When this happens the bomb counter will be paused and you will be taken to a new set of reels. Don’t worry, these reels aren’t in prison, so you’re still at large!


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While playing your free spins, you will notice 5, 7, or 10 Wild symbols on the reels. These will shift around for every spin. Their evasive maneuvers will have you bagging big wins as the 96.08% RTP is an absolute steal in this slot.

Once you’ve plundered through your 15 free spins you will be taken back to the main reels where you will be reunited with your bandit counterpart. From there you can continue the countdown on the bomb to blow a hole in the vault for all the loot.

Double the danger, double the wins!

You also have the option to buy more bombs to place on the reels, just in case you feel the bandit hasn’t planned this heist well enough. He certainly doesn’t seem to be a genius thief like the ones from the Ocean movies or the Italian Job. Luckily he has you to help him see this heist through to a successful end. This buy option will allow you to enter the Free Spin Bonus and choose how many Wild symbols you’d like on the reels!

You also have the option to gamble your winnings after every winning spin. You’ll see this option frequently with regular wins due to the low volatility of this slot, especially at the end of every ten spin cycle with the bomb Wilds exploding. Here you get to choose heads or tales and flip a coin to double the bucks you’ve won for the spin.

Get ready to break the bank with some explosive features now!

Come join this optimistic crook in Take the Bank slot for some stealthy gaming action. The loot is yours for the taking so slip on your gloves and your black bandit outfit for an unforgettable casino experience.