Discover Rocking Good Wins in Lordi Reel Monsters Slot

You’re in for one hell of a show tonight… or should that be you’re in for a show from hell? Either way, this one is a heavy metal fan’s dream… or should that be nightmare. This is all very confusing so without further ado, let me introduce you to the main act for tonight.

Grab your symbols or your tambourine and rock out with the creatures of Lordi Reel Monsters slot from Play’N Go.

Time for a little heavy metal!

Play’N Go has become the king of rock and roll slots. Over the last few years, they have released Kiss Reels of Rock, Annihilator, Alice Cooper and the Tome of Madness, House of Doom, and now Lordi Reel Monsters slot. Each title has had some great music and the dark, tortured graphics you would expect to accompany this music. It really is the golden age for this kind of slot game, and Play’N Go is leading the charge.


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Lordi Reel Monsters slot doesn’t sully the developer’s good name either. The cinematic intro to Lordi and his band of misfit demons is creepy and incredibly compelling. Then, once the reels start spinning and the metal starts blasting, the whole thing just comes together beautifully. It really is one of the best uses of music in a game since… well, since Play’N Go’s last rock and roll slot.

If you’re looking for a little extra, I recommend taking a look at the slot’s page on the Play’N Go website. The company created a backstory for each and every one of the monsters that really adds to the whole experience.

Are you ready to go on tour?

You’ve joined the band of monsters, and now it’s time to rock out with the underworld!


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As you rock on, each winning symbol is added to the Monster Charger. If during the same spin, you build up a charge of 15 symbols, you’ll activate one of five monsters each with its own special feature.

  • Mr. Lordi adds 5 to 8 wilds to the reels
  • Hella destroys all other symbols except for 1 or 2 symbols and wilds
  • Amen transforms 2 to 5 symbols into different symbol types
  • Hiisi selects a symbol and creates a winning cluster
  • Mana turns all instances of one symbol into wilds

If your charge keeps building all the way to 40 symbols on a single spin, you’ll unlock a round of free spins. Once you do, you’ll get to pick between two different free spins modes.

  • Reels Monsters – The Cascade Multiplier is added which increases a win multiplier by one with each winning cascade.
  • Better Hate Than Never – The Wild Collector is added which collects all winning wilds during an initial phase. The wilds are then added back to the reels in batches of 5 to 10 until they’re depleted.


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Once your free spins are concluded, hell will spit you back out to spin again.

Is Lordi Reel Monsters slot terrific or terrifying?

If you’re not a fan of heavy metal, I recommend turning the sound off if you’re intent on giving this one a try. If you are a fan, well then Lordi Reel Monsters slot is a great option for you. The slot’s aesthetic is very rock and roll, and the music is not bad at all!

The show keeps getting more rock and roll when we look at the numbers. The slot offers medium volatility giving you a nice balance between consistent small wins with a few big wins here and there. Plus, with a 96.2% RTP rating and a €240,000 max payout, there really isn’t too much to complain about.

If you’re looking for a few other rocking titles from Play’N Go, I recommend giving Annihilator and Alice Cooper and the Tome of Madness a try.