The Dragon Kingdom: Eyes of Fire Slot Has Your Gold – Get It Back

In the majority of stories, for some reason the dragon always sits on a massive treasure. That brings up questions such as how did it get it, why did it get it and what does it plan to do with it? You can ignore all that because when you enter the dragon’s lair in the new Dragon Kingdom: Eyes of Fire slot, pretty soon you will be the one sitting on all the gold.

The key to the big wins is your new bff to be, the progressive multiplier. Patience is a virtue and if you can hold off from winning for just a little while, the multiplier will increase with each winless spin and close in on a juicy 50x your stake. Thank you, Pragmatic Play!

Let the fire-breathing action begin!

Surrounded by Gold

As you enter the lair, just take a look around if you need extra motivation. The 3 reels and 5 paylines are surrounded by gold and the two dragons in play aren’t really protecting it as ruthlessly as you may have expected. As a matter of fact, they can both help you as symbols and it’s the blue dragon that holds the highest value, plus the dragon eye as the wild of course.

Thanks to the colors and elite graphics, the game really pops off your screen and feels very inviting. W


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Check this out, the game has a low volatility which means a nice flow of wins plus a pretty generous 96.49% RTP. You’ll be playing for a €31,250 max win and 1,250x multiplier, which can start to add up pretty quick after a nice hot streak.

Get the Progressive Multiplier Rolling

So how do you get to the big bucks in this game? Well, every spin will start with the normal 1x multiplier but this baby has the need for speed. If you happen to spin four times in a row without a win, the game changing progressive feature will kick in and your multiplier will increase.

You can keep an eye on this on the separate reel on the right hand side, full of dragon eggs. When you score a win on the big reels, your win will get the multiplier that’s in play on the multiplier reel.

It’s Worth Postponing Your Success

The longer you go without a win, the bigger the multiplier will get. When you first trigger the feature, you are at level 2, giving you 2x, 3x or 5x multiplier eggs. The multipliers will increase if your winless streak continues and should you, against all odds, go 24 spins without a win, you will instead be playing with a 10x, 15x or 50x multiplier. Nice!

Play Now

As soon as a win comes, your multiplier will then be applied and paid out. Unfortunately this also means the end of your multiplier run and you will start from the beginning. This type of progressive multiplier is a win win, if you think about it.

Put It on Your List

First of all, the Dragon Kingdom: Eyes of Fire slot is a great looking game but we must say dragons and progressive multipliers is a pretty sweet combination. If you’re looking for something slightly different than the old run of the mill slot, this should definitely be on your list.

Get out there, give it a spin and scoop up that dragon treasure!