Play Live Roulette From 8 New Luxurious Locations!

Live roulette is somewhat of an acquired taste, but if you have a taste for it, then you’re going to love the new locations BitStarz has just added. Sink your teeth into live roulette action from eight of the hottest and most luxurious casinos around the globe. From the Dragonara Casino in the Mediterranean paradise of Malta to the Resorts Casino in Atlantic City, NJ – BitStarz has you covered. Get your passport ready, we’re taking a trip around the globe to some of the glitziest and most glamorous casinos around!

High Rollers Welcome

When it comes to live roulette, the streams for high rollers – the tables with higher bet limits – are usually denoted with VIP in the name, but these tables are perfect for players of all sizes to play on. Bets start at €1 and climb all the way to €2,000, so don’t be afraid to place the big bets to win big!

Enjoy the Conversation

None of these new tables are from a studio – they are all real casinos. This means you’re in for a treat when you turn up the sound. Soak up the casino atmosphere and listen to what the other players are talking about.

Slower Style Gameplay

If you enjoy taking your time between spins to plot your next move, then these new live roulette tables are perfect for you. Due to the fact they are in real casinos, during busy periods the time between spins can get up to around the three-minute mark. While that might seem like a long time, it gives you plenty of time to plan your strategy, refill your glass, grab a snack and dash to the bathroom!

Where Are the New Tables From?

We thought we would keep you reading just a little longer before we revealed the new locations – how cheeky of us! Our first stop is with Casino Aviator Roulette which is streamed from the Aviator Casino in T’bilisi, Georgia. Next, we’re off to Casino Malta Roulette streamed from the Casino Malta by Olympic Casino in St Julian’s, Malta. That isn’t the only stream from Malta. Next up is Dragonara Roulette from the Dragonara Casino in St Julian’s.

Grand Casino Roulette gives you live action from the Grand Casino in Bucharest, Romania, while Hippodrome Grand Casino and Hippodrome Casino Roulette are both streamed live from London. Take a quick trip across the Atlantic Ocean with a few rounds in Resorts Atlantic City streamed from the Resorts Casino, Atlantic City. Finally, we head to Shangri La Roulette streamed from the Shangri La Casino in T’bilisi, Georgia.

Sit back, relax and enjoy roulette from all corners of the globe with the latest additions to the BitStarz Casino live roulette selection!