Enter the Laboratory of the Run Amuck Slot and Let’s Get Slimy

Do you remember playing with green slime as a child? Kids love that strange feeling mixture more than anyone. Then again, most of us are still kids and the only difference is that it’s not really considered an appropriate thing to do as a grown up but don’t worry, High 5 Games is here for the rescue. The brand new Run Amuck slot is a slimy splash in the face and yes, it’s as fun as it sounds.

This game is simply a great escape from adulthood and with a €310,500 max win in play, it’s also a perfect excuse to take a shot at bringing home some cash. You can scoop up 30 free spins to really get you going and there is even a feature called Racking Up Riches, which is exactly what you’ll be doing.

You are about to head into unknown territory so ready or not, here we go!

Welcome to the Lab

God knows what’s really cooking in this suspicious lab but you can count on colorful and fun characters showing up to party and it’s all about clusters on a 7×7 chessboard looking grid. The cartoonish style makes it even more childish of course but who cares when the money up for grabs is as real as the screen you are looking at.

With the mad scientist gone, the bacteria is taking over both the lab and grid so keep an eye on them and create clusters of at least 4 symbols in order to win. When it comes to the world of slime, these are clearly the best of the best as the highest valued blue symbol even wears a crown fit for a king.


Play Now

Throwing slime or just letting it move between your fingers as you squeeze it, brings happy vibes and so does taking home the €310,500 max win and the 1,035x multiplier really comes alive when you match it with the generous €300 bet limit. Be ready for action with a 96.00% RTP and medium volatility.

Racking Up Riches

Nobody is a fan of germs or bacteria in general but this game might change your mind when you see what they can do. For example, when you create a cluster including 2-3 test tubes, those symbols will collapse into one power symbol in one position.

When that’s done, the board will be cleared from any other symbols and new ones will be added. If you can continue to collapse and create more super germs, your run will continue for an even bigger payout!

How to Get Free Spins

You’ll be glad to know bonus symbols exist in the lab and when you can get 3 or 4 of them to show up, you will get 8 or 30 free spins! Not bad, right?

Play Now

We told you these guys can do great things and before every free spins, a group of test tubes will be dropped and start you off with a bang!

Sit Back and Relax

Normally bacteria moves quite slow but these guys must be on some special medication as the Run Amuck slot can really move! You can simply sit back and relax while the cartoon plays in front of your face and your account balance increases by the spin.

If you are into cartoons, colorful slime or making money, you need to give this game a shot!