Experience Mother Nature’s True Powers in Druids’ Dream Slot

The term druid doesn’t get thrown around a lot these days. As members of the high ranking class in the Celtic culture, they had a strong connection to the natural world and believed in the powers that it possesses. All the trees in the world were sacred to them and in particular the oak tree.

NetEnt is bringing Druids back into people’s minds through their new Druids’ Dream slot and when you spin these reels you will understand their fascination with nature. As a result, after you experience the dreamy payouts this slot can bring, you will get a clearer view of what Mother Earth is able to provide.

Let the Druids Lead the Way

In this slot, the story focuses on two druids living in an enchanted forest. With the stage set at 5 reels, some of the symbols in play are owls, bears, the two druids obviously, a white wolf and a drum. The wilds and scatters are heavy characters in this game and are the key to many fun features, so keep that in mind as you play along.


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Charge Your Wilds and Spin Again

This game is all about the extra charge and when it comes to your wilds this is something you want. When they land as a stack they become charged and this will lead to a nice re-spin. You will be able to enjoy a re-spin for each charged wild symbol you have landed. During the re-spins, the scatter and wilds that caused the re-spins will remain on the reels until they are done.

You would be a fool not to appreciate re-spins as all they do is give you a freebie and an extra shot at making extra money!


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Say Hello to My Little Friend

Normally you will need at least 3 scatters in order to kickstart the free spin feature but thanks to the druids and their connection to the forest, 2 of them is enough. Get one on reel 2 and one on reel 4 and you can say hello to 6 free spins.

As an extra bonus, all the scatters and wilds that helped you get there will stay on the reels during your free spins. As you can imagine, this will help you a ton towards landing the big wins!


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Thank You, Mother Nature

We realize that we need to spend more time in nature. It’s a different vibe out there, peaceful and really a conditioner for the soul. Besides the benefits it can have on your body and mind, it can also have a nice effect on your wallet. The payouts in this slot are thrilling and with charged wilds and other fun features this game is a keeper. Thank you, Mother Nature!