Skyrocket to otherworldly riches in Back to Venus slot!

Imagine coming across an eight-foot-tall carnivorous Venus flytrap with teeth bigger than your head and an appetite for juicy earthlings. Well, they’ve arrived! Back to Venus slot sees these invader plants in full action, chomping away at monstrous wins on the reels of this exciting slot from Betsoft Games.

The alien plants have taken over and you need to send them back to where they came from. You’re perfect for the job! Fancy a trip to Venus? The rewards are to die for. Just don’t become dental floss for these extraterrestrial tulips!

Caution! These Symbols Can Bite!

The base game starts on Earth at the spot where the alien plants have landed with their asteroid. There are 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 paylines for you to forge your winning combinations on. The graphics in this slot are outstanding. You’ll notice the animated giant Venus flytrap sitting next to the reels waiting to munch on your wins and the spaceship in the background preparing the launch to Venus.


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Low-paying symbols are made up of the royal values A, K, Q, and J with nothing much to report there. High-paying symbols are a little more on the exciting side, with a crop circle, funky mushrooms, and a barn with alien plant tentacles creeping out the doors and windows all paying the same. Then there’s a cow being abducted by aliens, the giant Venus flytrap, and the unusual-looking astronaut as the highest-paying symbol in the slot.

Sticky Wilds and Prickly Respins Create MEGA WINS!

This slot is filled with random surprises. After any non-winning spin, a symbol can be chosen at random to become sticky on the reels and rewards a respin. The reels will keep spinning until you receive a winning combination which includes the sticky symbol. And that’s not the only random surprise.

The Wild symbol is an asteroid – probably the one that brought the alien plants to earth. These Asteroid Wilds will shoot onto the reels during the spin and will only appear on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5. These Wilds will stick on the reels in the positions where they landed for two spins and substitute for all symbols except the rocketship.

3 Rockets and You’re Off to Venus!

The Asteroid Wild has one more fantastic feature. After a random non-winning spin, the border of the reels might light up as the symbols are spinning. When this happens, hold your breath and make a wish for wealth, because the Flowering Wild Boost feature is about to bombard the reels with a bunch of Wilds.


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Landing 3 rocket ship symbols scattered on the reels means it’s time to go to Venus. Three rocket ship symbols will award 10 free spins with sticky Asteroid Wilds and a chance for even more Wilds to hit the reels. 4 Rocketship symbols will also award 10 free spins with sticky Wilds, but here you’ll also be receiving some super multipliers with your wins.

Up, Up, and Away!

We know you’re going to have a blast in Back to Venus slot. The 97.07% RTP should see the payouts rolling onto the reels at the speed of light and with the medium volatility, you should have no issues skyrocketing your way to the multipliers on Venus for some epic wins. Strap in and hold on tight – and don’t let the alien plants bite!