Forest Treasures Slot Could Use More Features!

Today, I’m taking you through a new game called Forest Treasures slot. This will be interesting – the only treasure I’ve found in the forest so far is a twisted ankle. Listen when your parents tell you how malicious tree roots can be!

Although, a sprain is a blessing compared to the other shit that happens in the woods. Let’s put it this way: I wouldn’t trade places with the students in The Blair Witch Project. Even Bear Grylls would be screwed. Unless he has a witch-hunting side hustle I don’t know about?

Thankfully, there’s no indication of paranormal activity in Forest Treasures slot. Supernatural yes. But unicorns are something we can all get behind, right?

Who wants to cut some cookies?

Onlyplay is the creator of Forest Treasures slot, and it seems they chose the safe route because this reminds me of all those cookie-cutter slot games you’d find in casinos. You know, the kind of casinos where adults wear diapers – for reasons other than incontinence.

It has 3 reels, offers fixed jackpots, and the soundtrack makes a whole scene when you win something. It is not as much of a performance as Elvis Frog makes, but Margaret, sitting next to you, will definitely be looking over at your machine.

I forget this is an online slot. I guess that’s because it has no modern video slot features whatsoever. There isn’t even a hint of a Wild symbol.

Honestly, the measly 10 Free Spins with zero pizzazz is the most exciting thing about it. I say this because hitting one of the jackpots is rarer than the chances of Robert De Niro dating someone age-appropriate.


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Did a glitter-bomb go off?

I have to give props to Onlyplay for their graphics here. They’re sparkly and whimsical and can certainly draw in the crowds. Take it from Taylor Swift and her Eras Tour.

The symbols are mesmerizing, and consist of Butterflies, Owls, Foxes, Bunnies, Unicorns, Flowers, Pots of Gold, and Horseshoes (you’re gonna need all the lucky charms you can get). The Scatter is the most opulent tree I’ve ever seen.

Playing this medium volatility game on a mushroom trip must be mind-blowing. I mean, my mind’s already blown and all I’ve had is my weekly Monday morning Xanax.

It’s a real pity about the lack of features and gameplay twists and turns I’ve come to enjoy from most other slot games. Otherwise, Forest Treasures slot would have my heart (and my bets).


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What features are in this forest?

As you’ve already gathered, we’re not getting lost today with all the features this 95.15% RTP game has.

They’ve kept it cool and casual, offering a Free Spins Bonus, and the chance of winning 3 Jackpots. All you’ve gotta do to receive the free spins, is land the Scatter symbol on each reel. No, there is no Buy Bonus function.

And, if you want to hit one of the jackpots, make sure to fill your screen with Butterflies for the Mini, with Foxes for the Major, and with Owls for the Grand.


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Basic but with big wins!

Still here? I’m glad! I know I’m not exactly overwhelming you with excitement about Forest Treasures slot, but there is a reason we have it. That reason? How about a whole market of players who prefer things more on the simple side?

Less could very well be more here – because you could win up to $25,300. Not bad for a frolic in the woods with Charlie the Unicorn’s glamorous sister.