Get Fit by Jumping Around and Win Big in Jump! Slot

Hopefully your hangover from partying too hard over New Years is starting to fade and you can start getting into that fitness routine your promised yourself that you would start. What better way to get in shape and warm up than by jumping around!

We’ve got some good news for you, we’ve found the perfect slot to help you with that warm up. Say hello to Jump! slot, it’s going to make you jump around and reach for the stars with the big wins on offer!

Jump Higher and Reach the Big Wins

Reaping big wins means you need to be able to jump higher and reach the top shelf. If you keep practicing, you will soon be jumping over street lights. Jump! is a really fun and exciting game, featuring a 2, 2, 3, 4, 4, reel layout that expands as you land wilds and wins. To score that all important mega win, you’re going to need to land a wild and a few wins in respins. This will unlock more spaces on the reels to fit more symbols, helping you tot up a bigger win. As you win, you will collect one of each symbol above the reels. As you collect the last symbol, you will trigger Stacked Spins. You get one spin where dozens of one symbol are all over the reels. Stacked Spins is your key to landing that all important big wins!

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Free Spins are a Jump Away

Jump! revolves around this reel expansion theme, so keep expanding the reels and you will be rewarded with all the gifts and prizes you can imagine. If you unlock all of the reels, you will land 7 free spins with a wild symbol that floats around the reels. This floating wild will help you rack up huge wins and break the bank time, time and time again. You only have the 7 spins to win as much as possible, so keep believing and jumping to win!

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Jump! is an exciting and innovative game that will fit in perfectly with your brand-new fitness program. Go and smash those New Year goals and get as fit as possible while having fun and winning big. Best of all, as you’re jumping around and racking up some mega wins, you will earn points towards the Slot Wars leaderboard. Place in the top 30 at the end of the week to get your hands on a slice of €1,000 and some free spins!